Thursday, June 16, 2011

ATMS Are The Enemy

The left is making some huge, huge mistakes recently....uncharacteristically.  Is it that they have become so bloated in their own self-adoration they can't see through the haze or have they just become cannibals and see the cliff in front of them?  I'm not sure.  It's hard to believe they are doing it on purpose.

The left is so deceptive and sneaky it makes you paranoid.  You think that it is some kind of plot to throw us off or something.  Obama blaming ATMS for job loss?  What kind of weird crap is that?  That sounds very similar to his "If you'd just put air in your tires gas prices would go down" claim, doesn't it?  Is the guy so out of touch he doesn't realize how weird that sounds or do you think he really believes it?

It wouldn't be the first time he was in some kind of funky time warp.  Remember his obsession with Salt II treaties with Russia?  That was something that was real popular back in the early 80s.  Like he had some kind of list he kept of all the things that bothered him when he was young...things that his mother talked about.  That was very bizarre, too.  It goes along with his obsession of "colonial Britain".

Seriously, I do not think we're dealing with a full deck here.  It makes you wonder if the DNC is falling apart.  They can't control the Boy King so they are either just giving up or hurling hail Mary passes.  What's with Debbie Downer stating yesterday that the Democrats "owned" the economy??  Is she really that delusional or is she that out of touch?  Obviously, she doesn't put gas in her hybrid Toyota or buy groceries.

We predicted all of this of course.  Back in the beginning of this administration all the conservatives pointed straight to the Jimmy Carter era as an example of what would happen with the liberal policies and we were right.  The Democrats cannot control the outcome of their policies.  It's like some nightmare we keep reliving because we allow them to continue to drag us back into this black hole of doom.  It's not that we don't KNOW what will happen.  It's that we forget that after a generation or two people are too young to remember and they get brainwashed into believing their false agenda.  We didn't have any strong candidates last election cycle so we just gave up fighting.  It was hard to stand up for McCain. 

I mean seriously, look at McCain.  I can't imagine he'd be any better than Obama.  Look at his loopy daughter.  Can you imagine what damage that would have done to the Republican party?  It's almost a good thing the Boy King was elected.  He will wipe out the liberal rule for at least a decade or more.

We should all send a thank you card to Wiener.  He did a lot of damage to the Democrats image.  He will forever be a poster boy for the fall of the Democratic party.  Here was a guy that was a loud mouth Pitt bull who beat up on the GOP on Fox all the time...and he turned out to be a geek pervert that the Democrats themselves are disgusted with.  The curtain came back and there he was...for all the world to see.  Just like Obama.  When Netanyahu schooled Obama a few weeks ago it was the same thing.  The curtain came back and there was Obama....looking stupid.  He actually thought the American people would stand with him and condemn Israel.  What a putz.

And lets discuss the gun-running situation for a moment.  Didn't the Democrats just a year ago talk about how guns in the US were making their way to Mexico?  They were using it as a platform for gun control.  So what happens?  We uncover a PROGRAM by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that funnels guns PURPOSELY to drug cartels in Mexico that ended up killing hundreds of people.  I personally think that this was a PR Propaganda scheme that failed.  Somebody totally dropped the ball on this in the DNC.  They were going to use this as a platform for their gun control legislation and it somehow jumped out the window.  Perhaps they didn't expect the ATF agents to spill the beans?  Or perhaps they did not expect the GOP to take over congress last November and EXPOSE the illegal activity going on?  Either way it is difficult for the Boy King to use this as a propaganda campaign against guns when THEY were the ones giving the guns to the drug runners.  Heads will roll over that one.

We need to keep the pressure on this administration.  Keep the pressure on the media.  Find ways NOW to organize and get news to other conservative groups.  The more we expose these people the more ways they will find to shut down the way we organize and get information to each other.  Don't think they won't try.  Facebook is organizing now to shut down conservative groups....We have to prepare ourselves. 

As many mistakes as the left is making...they will become more and more desperate the more they realize the gig is up.  This administration is tanking like a concrete balloon. 

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