Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Sympathy For Perverted Weiners

So in the 70s Ted Kennedy gets drunk and drives his car off a bridge and his secretary drowned.  He swam off to rescue himself and then tried to cover it up.  That was his long remembered legacy.  He was not forced from office because of it, obviously, because he was a Kennedy.  That logic still escapes me but for now we will go with it.  If you compare killing a secretary to what Weiner did then there really is no comparison.

This was the observation on HotAir.com which I agree fully with.  But in truth, when I read the messages and see the pictures of Weiner and know what he did...it's creepy.  I used to chat a lot back in the day when Compuserve had free chat rooms.  I had a "chat room" that was a favorite of mine.  This was back when the internet was just getting really popular in 2000 or so.  I had gotten my first computer and thought it was like opening a whole new world.  It was exciting! I could chat with people who were all over the world!  I found a really nice chat room of people mostly my age and we came together every day to talk recipes, life, TV, and even flirt.  They taught me the ropes about the internet.  This chat room I was a part of was luckily sane people, mostly women.  It was open for anyone to pop into and chat, though and every day we chased off the "the trolls" and perverts and undesirables.  There were rules in our chat room.  You had to behave yourself.  If you didn't fit into the "nice" chat room category you were quickly hounded to leave.  We gave everyone a fair shot at joining our little group but it became obvious quickly who would be allowed to stay and who would not.  The perverts were immediately recognized.

We knew immediately who they were.  We envisioned some fat, ugly, 60-year-old bald man sitting in his underwear doing things you truly did not want to visualize.  Some would pop in and say something lewd and when we told them to get lost they usually did.  There were the teenager trolls who just popped around saying curse words.  There were the young 20 somethings who were just looking for a cheap thrill who you knew had issues but they kept to their own perverted world.  There were the older men looking for young girls.  And we got so good at recognizing these weirdos we could even pick out the FBI people posing as "young, innocent victims" lurking about trying to find the perverts.

So while reading the messages that Weiner boy swapped back and forth online I immediately know which one he was.  It's gross.  It exposes who he is and everybody who has spent any time in any chat room online knows who he is.  He will never be able to shirk this off his image.  He is the guy online that decent people chased away because he was just some horny pervert looking for a thrill.  This is who a congressman who represents people in this country is.

If the Democrats think that having an online pervert is an asset to their party then they are sadly mistaken.  Wiener is no Kennedy.  Just look at him.  He looks like a Weiner, doesn't he?  He is a bully, geek-looking pencil neck who got popular because he is good at arguing.  The Democrats only loved him when he was useful and now that he is exposed as that creepy 46-year-old man online who talks dirty with young girls trust me...He is no longer a useful idiot to the Democratic party.

Weiner has brought "Ewwww" back.

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