Sunday, June 5, 2011

Healthcare Industry Corruption

I've worked in the health care industry for about 23 years.  I can't tell you how upset I am over the Obamacare situation.  Our health care industry has been in a state of decline for several years now and with this takeover by the socialists it is speeding toward disaster at record levels.  Medicare and Medicaid have so much corruption the government can't control it yet their solution is to just make it worse.  They are making profit from it rather than fix it.

For about the past ten years our government has been subsidizing foreign students to come to the US to train as doctors.  When I started doing medical transcription a third of our doctors nationwide were foreign.  It is now 3/4 foreign.  I see things and hear things that make my skin crawl.  Now this is going to be a conversation that needs to take place even though I am certain some people will see this as a "foreign-phobe" paranoia but this is based on my own personal observation.

Foreign people are from different cultures.  Unless you live under a rock you have to know that our country is above and beyond when it comes to women's rights.  Women are treated differently overseas.  I can't tell you how many doctors I've seen who do not give the same standard of care to women that they do to men.  I have also seen these foreign doctors do test after expensive test on people that were unnecessary.  Do you honestly think these people give a crap about the cost of health care rising?  They do not.  Is it necessary to do pregnancy tests on 80-year-old women?  It happens every single day.  Elderly people are especially vulnerable because they usually are suffering from dementia and don't have a clue what is being done to them. These doctors take advantage of them.  They take advantage and then lead them off to hospice without a second thought.  There are times I feel like quitting this profession so I don't have to hear it...but I do hear it every single day and it sickens me.

The average patient over age 50 in the hospital has a medication list of 15 drugs and higher.  I can't count how many patients I see who are having medical problems because of side effects from medication.  I can't count how many expensive tests are routinely done on these patients to prove it.  Let's put it this way....these people are on so many medications the doctors treating these patients can't keep the lists straight.  There are procedures now in hospitals who have had to develop entire programs to just keep up with a patient's medications.  A patient doesn't just see one doctor.  They see multiple doctors.  And all of them prescribe their own list of drugs.  So now they have people in hospitals whose only job it is to keep track of all the drugs that a patient is taking because it is impossible for one doctor to keep track of it.

Are you telling me that Pharma has enough money to spare that they can spend $150 million on campaigning for government run health care but we have hospitals in this country running out of SALINE BAGS??  Popular every day drugs are running in short supply across the country??  Do you have ANY idea how much money these drug companies are making?  It would boggle your mind.  They have absolutely NO EXCUSE to run out of drugs. Pharma is corrupt...and could be an entirely different topic.

Where there is money there is corruption.  In this case the FDA keeps us safe from companies that would otherwise rip us off on levels that are unimaginable if they did not enforce drug rules.  We have enough corruption as it is with the "supplement" field and the "We can cure everything" group of scammers.  Trust me, we have the same problem with Pharma programs as well.  And it all starts with corrupt physicians.

If I fell ill I would not accept a foreign born doctor.  Not because I am racist but because of what I have seen.  We are hiring doctors who are very low on the totem pole.  We are hiring physicians who hate this country and basically want the training they can get to go home and be rich but don't give a rat's ass about Americans or their health.  They do not care if hospitals are hurting financially.  They do not care if people cannot afford medicine.  They do not care if women suffer.  Given the percentage of foreign doctors now saturating our health care system I'm even prepared to believe that many of these doctors would be in a position to do great harm if they had the opportunity to do so.

At the risk of paranoia, but only a few short years ago we were talking about how biochemical warfare was not a matter of if but when...and our government is allowing record numbers of foreign students into this country yearly to provide health care.  I welcome you to go to your nearest hospital (Google it) and check out the physician faculty list.  You will be quite shocked to find that more than 2/3 of the physicians nearest you are foreign.

I want somebody to do a study about this.  I want to know when this started happening and how it started happening.  I want to know what the thinking was to encourage it to happen.  There is something not right about all of it. 

Unfortunately, where there is money there is corruption.  Whenever you have the government involved you can bet your life the corruption is there.  But we should not have to trust our very lives to these people.  We need to find out how this got started, why it got started, and what the intention is.  There is something very disturbing going on and nobody is talking about it.

When you get baffled about WHY the Democrats use the race card to intimidate people...stop and ask yourself why.  What are they doing it for?  What are they hiding?

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