Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hate and Division...Welcome to The New Democratic Party

A lot of people are focused on the election in 2012.  I have no doubt in my mind that Obama will lose in 2012.  The news media censors his real popularity.  The majority of Americans are tuned in enough to know that this guy is destroying our country.  They do not agree with his policies.  All you have to do is look at your current situation to realize we're headed for dark times if we do not get the greedy, power hungry Democrats out of power.  They are like a fungus growing out of control...

What we should really be worried about is the next Republican presidency.  Anybody who thinks that the Democrats are going to get kicked to the curb, pick themselves and wave the white flag is naive and mistaken.  Remember 2000?  Al Gore boo-hooed for ....well, he is STILL whining about losing in 2000.  After 9/11 the Democrats were actually more concerned with plotting their comeback than they were the security of our country.  Do not forget how easily they destroyed the person leading our country who was dealing with all the terrorism.  While George Bush juggled Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, Russia and all the other boogieman out in the world the Pelosi mafia plotted their media LIE campaign to destroy him.  They attacked the intelligence community, the security firms dealing with the terrorists, the VP, all the people who were trying to keep us safe. 

It's a pretty sad time in history when a political party would actually HELP foreign terrorists attack our own country but you can bet your bottom dollar that is what is happening.  Code Pink, Weather Underground...all these far-left socialist groups are working WITH terrorists to destroy our freedom and the DNC is right along in bed with them.  It is disgusting.

So take your mind off the 2012 for a moment and look into the future.  Look at the border situation.  Obama has essentially opened our borders and the flood gates.  We have illegal aliens pouring into this country.  He is ignoring federal law and has passed by executive order any detention or deportation of illegal aliens, even THOSE COMMITTING CRIMES.  What could possibly be the motivation for this?  I read a story in the LA Times today a story about the school systems in LA reducing the standards of education to accommodate the illegal alien population.  I saw this happening with my own eyes in Nashville of all places.  The education system cannot keep up with the fast-changing population.

We have "roaming gangs of teenagers" all over the country mob attacking businesses.  Yet the Justice Department has loosened any law enforcement procedures that would be helpful in dealing with this situation.  The Democrats have been screaming RACISM now for two years.  They are setting the stage for future riots.

We have socialist groups all over You Tube calling on mob attacks.  They want chaos.  They want riots.  They want disorder.  The more scared the public the more justified government is to clamp down on the public.  When you have gangs roaming the streets terrifying the public you have terrified citizens calling for the government to do something.  We have the news media and Democrats running around slandering the conservatives on a daily basis calling them RACIST and evil.

Now move forward.  When Republicans take back our government and begin to change things, reign in the border, reign in the lawlessness, you have gangs of illegal aliens and unemployed youths who are going to rise up and do bad things.  This is the strategy that the Democratic party is banking on. 

This president is provoking racial violence.  Never in my life time have I seen the public more divided.  You can certainly go back in history and see darker times, during the cold war, during the race riots of the 1960s...but in the span of two years we have gone from a country that was doing pretty darn good and getting along pretty well to a country with roving gangs and illegal aliens and other groups who hate this country and everything it stands for.

I don't think the Democrats have a prayer in the next election.  But don't think they are going to roll over and play dead once they get kicked out of power.  All the groups of division that they have created in the past two years are going to rise up to cause chaos to keep their sugar daddy in power.  Republicans would be very smart to concentrate on this strategy and counter the division that is being created.  Republicans need to make a concerted effort to reach out and educate these groups so they do not become the "enemy". 

Democrats EXPLOIT people.  We have to keep that from happening.  We cannot allow the Democrats to slander and label conservatives as the enemy to these minority groups.  They are essentially labeling us "the man" of the 1960s.  Instead of them hating the government...they are going to blame the GOP.  We would be very smart to counter this hate and slander.

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