Monday, June 13, 2011

Romney is NOT the Answer

And the saga continues.  The Democrat's favorite attack dog has finally come back to bite them in the butt.  It turns out Wiener is more concerned with his own ego than the good of the party.  Shocking isn't it?  Pop the popcorn and enjoy the show.

But that's not all that is going on in the world and we shouldn't be distracted too much by it.  It's funny to watch but lets keep things in perspective.

The US intercepted missiles being transported from North Korea to Burma.  This is not good news.  As our president concentrates on his golf game and re-election campaign we have real enemies in the world taking advantage of the distractions.  This is not new.  It seems to happen a lot when the liberals are in charge of government.

The liberal media is busy trying to convince everyone that Romney is "the" guy.  Of course we know better.  Romney is just another McCain.  I don't know about you but I'm pretty tired of these blue state Republicans trying to run Washington.  Scott Brown did not turn out to be the Tea Party favorite we hoped he'd be.  He is doing everything to keep himself in office and to accomplish that he has to do what his blue-state constituents want him to do....much to the distress of the rest of us.

The days of "compromise" are over.  The liberals took this country kicking and screaming far, far too left and it is time to drag it back to where it belongs.  Romney is not going to do that.  He will be a nightmare for the Republican party.  From Romney care to his recent statements on "global warming" this guy is NOT the person we need in office to fix our country.  He is the liberal media's lap dog.  Consider him the fake Tea Party candidate.  Most of the conservatives I know realize this.  It is the un-connected headline readers that we have to inform.  So inform them.

Our economy continues to sputter to a stop.  I don't know about you but going to the grocery store with $100 sure isn't what it used to be.  Even with shopping for the cheaper stuff after you get the main staples of a household like cleaning products and toilet paper you're left with Ramen noodles and cheap cuts of meat for dinner.  That is, if you didn't fill the tank before you went to Kroger.  Now comes news that by 2014 we will be spending 60% more on our electricity bills.  This is not good news.

As people pinch and stretch and sweat their way through the summer the left is stoking the idea of "violence" all in the media.  The liberals use this strategy a lot.  They start sending out "code words" to put ideas into people's heads.  I've seen it all over the place.  "Civil discontent".  You see stories about gangs attacking people.  "Mobs" attacking people in hospitals.  This is wishful thinking for the socialists.  They would love nothing more than to have an increase in violence.  It gives them more reason to pass laws to control people.  It is communism 101.  Scare the public.  If the public is afraid they ask for the government to help.

Is this the desperate strategy of the left?  Do they finally realize their days are numbered?  Would they stoop so low to provoke violence as a means to enforce a police state or martial law?  Yes they would.  Obama and his socialist buddies would most DEFINITELY resort to such tactics if they felt it was their only hope to remain in power.  Wiener is not the only one with selfish goals.

But I have faith in the American public.  I remember the 70s well and the Jimmy Carter years.  When Ronald Reagan stepped up and told us to believe in our country, to invest in our future, and to love our freedom the American people put their faith in him.  This will happen again.  The liberals have no sense of patriotism for their country.  They are too introverted in their own freak agenda.

Future generations will have much worse to worry about than terrorism.  They will have biological and chemical warfare to contend with.  If our government is not aware of this and working on solutions then they're more ignorant than I thought.  Biological warfare will be the terrorism of the future.  With environmental groups threatening to depopulate the planet we'd better start worrying about it now rather than later.  This is a topic most people are afraid to discuss.  The question is not if but when.  While our president plays golf and the Dems squabble over Wiener and his nonsense...we have real problems and those problems are not getting any attention.

We need a leader who can step out of the Washington DC box and see the future.  The elitist media and Washington cocktail party crowd is not going to do a thing to help solve problems.  They are going to play their games and swap money around and continue to live in luxury while the rest of the country goes to hell.  We can pay attention and elect leaders and hold them responsible for their actions, or we can be stupid and support people like Wiener.  He is the poster boy for everything that is wrong in Washington DC.  Romney is not much better.  He is just a Ken doll dressed up and ready to play the same game. He will capitulate and compromise and say whatever he has to say to get elected.  He will continue the same crap that we all hate.  The game they play in Washington does nothing to help this country.  It just keeps the same schmucks in power that put the same programs in place.  A revolving door of money and power that never stops.  We have to find a leader that is not in that circle.  We have to find somebody who loves this country who will fight to get rid of that game.  The lobbyists, the money, the power....We have to fight to get rid of it.  Romney is not the answer.

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