Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wiener, Weather, And Predicting The Unpredictable.

Not much going on in the world of news.  The liberal dogs can't find their prey with Sarah Palin's emails and it annoys them.  They had really hoped to find some dirt to get Wiener off the headlines.  Her emails have actually made her look good so watch for this story to fly out the window in a hurry.

Wiener the media whore keeps on and on.  It's the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP.  Now he wants "treatment" for being an online pervert.  Of course, we all know that's not possible.  The great thing about this is that we all know there is probably a LOT more dirt to wash out of this dirty blanket.  Given that he just got married a year ago his behavior BEFORE he was married was probably worse.  There is no doubt going to be skank after skank coming out trying to claim their prize.  The most remarkable thing about this is that he was so easy to find on the internet.  Most of these creeps know how to surf around incognito but no, he is such an egomaniac he had to brag to people who he was.  He liked that power.  He felt invincible.  He thought that he could get away with it.  Whether he had convinced himself that he'd never get caught or was just stupid I don't know.  The Democrats realize what a huge risk this is and know he has to go.  But this guy is so desperate he is going to cling to power whatever way he can.  If I were a Democrat I'd be worried.  This creep would throw his own mother under a bus to stay in power.  Anybody who has had dealings with this guy should be watching their back right now.  Wiener is going to bribe whoever he has to and they would be smart to realize that.  I think they do.  I guess we'll find out what kind of power he really had.  I suspect not much.  He stabbed a lot of backs on his way to Congress and he burned a lot of bridges.  Eventually that behavior lands you on the curb. 

But in the mean time we conservatives can enjoy watching karma coming back to bite the Dems in the ass.  All the anchors on Fox who have had to deal with Wiener's smart aleck nonsense and lies in interviews should be enjoying this right now.

Climate change.  The liberals are convinced that we've been having all these tornadoes because of global warming.  This is such a simple thing.  It really does not take rocket science to figure it out.  We have a growing population of people.  We have more and more folks with cellphone cameras.  It's not that we have more tornadoes and bad weather.  We just have more people being affected and we have more ways of catching it on video.

Fifty years ago we had just as many tornadoes.  The tornadoes would grind their way across the countryside and people did not see it.  I remember with fondness the weather men on TV when I was a kid.  They stood on camera in front of a map of the United States.  They had those little felt stick on clouds and rain drops.  A cute little sun with a smiley face on it.  Every now and then they'd be talking and the sun or a cloud would fall off, remember?  The cold fronts had lines with triangles on it (blue) and the warm fronts were half circles (red).  Most of the time their predictions were wrong.   Maybe it would rain...or not.  People had a pretty good idea that in the Spring it would storm and rain and in the Winter it would snow.  I'd say snow was the hardest to predict and was the most unreliable.  It still is TO THIS DAY.  Tornadoes were a risk in the South and from the time I was little I've always been afraid of them.

Remember how scary tornado warnings were?  That monotone, male radio voice with the scratchy CB radio sound.  They could have been telling us aliens were invading the planet.  They basically named off counties and as a kid I had no idea what counties were much less WHERE they were.  But I remember how terrifying it was.  I had an uncle who lived in Arkansas and every time it stormed he ran his family to the storm cellar in the back yard.  It was a little concrete vault that was halfway in the ground.  I remember being more afraid of the spiders in that cellar.  To this day I have nightmares about tornadoes and they look just like the videos we're seeing on TV.

It's not that there are more of them.  They are no more severe than they were 100 years ago.  We just have more people and we have more ways of catching them on video. 

And just think, if you had been the Captain of a ship back 50 years ago when you went out to sea you had no idea what weather was out there.  The legends of the fishermen are well founded.  They became weathermen of their own kind.  They knew how to read the clouds and how to smell the air.  If they didn't they usually became fish food.  Can you imagine going off to sea in a boat without knowing whether there were storms?  Imagine how our fore fathers wandered out to sea and ended up in hurricanes.  No wonder it was so terrifying.  Your families never knew if you would come back. Now we have pinpoint weather radar, satellites and what not.  We can pretty much predict anything.  So when something horrible happens we're surprised? 

If you build a house near the ocean and you don't expect a hurricane every now and then you're just dumb.  If you build your house in the plains of Kansas and then are shocked when a tornado blows through you're dumb, too.  Are people in California really shocked when there is an earthquake? With the exception of Japan and the recent events there, people should not be shocked by these events.  They should be prepared.  And for that matter, if you live near a volcano you should expect lava to flow through your living room.  It's not a matter of's a matter of when.

Just like we should expect to see Wiener get roasted in the following weeks if he does not swallow his ego and let it go.  His past WILL come back to haunt's just a matter of when.

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