Friday, June 17, 2011

Iran-Contra Was NOTHING Compared to Fast and Furious

I remember the Iran-Contra days well.  Oliver North became quite famous for taking the sword for Reagan.  To this day he is a hero in the Marine Corps.  He did his job.  He did what was right for the country.  The liberals couldn't STAND him and they still can't.  He is the epitome of what they despise.  MOST Americans loved Ronald Reagan and they loved Oliver North for his loyalty.  The liberals tried, tried and tried to bring Reagan down over the Iran-Contra "scandal" and it never worked.

Richard Nixon is another shining example of a person the liberals vilified to no end.  Over what?  He lied to the news media.  In the 70s an entire summer was lost to us kids who were stuck inside on hot summer days with nothing entertaining to watch on TV because all that was on TV on all three stations (yes, we only had three stations) WATERGATE all day and night.  It was horrendous.  Even as a kid I remember how stupid it was.  When you compare Watergate to the crimes the liberals commit it seems ridiculous.  Nixon was brilliant.  His foreign policy is to this day historic.  He brought us closer to China.  He was a very smart man who did GREAT things for this country.  But if the liberals had had their way he would have been an absolute failure.  They do this with a lot of Republican presidents.  At least Reagan and Nixon have records to back their brilliance up.

What does Carter have to show for his miserable time in office?  The Iran hostage crisis and the energy crisis.  Carter is historic for his failed presidency.  Obama is walking down that same road to the peanut farm.

The Democrats bit off more than they can chew with this latest gig.  A couple of years ago the O-bots were out in force stirring up trouble with Arizona and the immigration situation.  As usual they were sucking up to the President in Mexico and allowed him to come into OUR country to BLAME us for the drug problems and the illegal alien problems and everything else they could think of.  The liberals were whining about how the guns in Mexico were all from the US.  This was actually proven to be NOT TRUE.  Most of the guns used in crimes in Mexico are Russian made.  But of course the liberals have an agenda.  They want to take guns away from us.  So they came up with a really BRILLIANT plan to funnel guns to the Mexican drug lords.  It does not take more than a third grade education to figure this one out.....

They had planned on "confiscating" these guns at some point, either by targeting some border gangs or working with the Mexican government, so they could hold them up and say "SEE!!  We told you that the Mexican gangs are getting their guns in the US" thereby changing public opinion on the subject or by using it as a means to get Congress to pass more strict gun laws.  Unfortunately for THEM their plan fell apart.  First, they didn't expect ATF agents and border agents to turn on them and spill the beans.  Second, they arrogantly believed that they would keep the majority in Congress last November.

Remember, if Republicans had not taken back the majority last November we wouldn't even be having this conversation.  We'd be sitting here talking about how horrible it is that drug lords can get hold of US guns so easily.  You see, Liberals can't wrap their heads around border agents and ATF agents actually having a say in the matter.  I mean, these are the people dealing with the criminals on an every day basis.  Liberals don't listen to the people who are actually doing the dirty work.  They just expect their robots to perform without question.

So Holder was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.  This is HUGE news and it should be the headline all across the country but of course it's not.  The liberally biased news media wouldn't DREAM of reporting anything that would put this administration in a negative light.  So I applaud Issa for going after them.

Issa needs to stay with this and fight until the end.  Exposing this administration for its dirty political tricks should remain the priority.  The more corrupt they look the better off we are.  Americans don't like corrupt politicians.  Regardless of what the news media tells us, Americans want justice and they want legal justice.  The more illegal activities we can expose the better.

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