Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a Thought

Obama has in the past boosted his standing in the polls by doing a 180 on certain things.

Just when you think he couldn't be any more horrible he suddenly caves in to Republicans and a popular issue and then the news media hails him as the second coming.  Over the Winter he boosted his poll numbers by caving in to Republicans on tax breaks. He gave in on a few other issues and for months and months he was a hero, remember?

If he suddenly gave in to Republicans now and gave them the reigns to the economy and the economy did indeed improve...just think what a hero he would be.

If the economy suddenly took a drastic turn and improved what would be the main issue on American's minds? I don't think it's possible at this point for that to happen. Obama's policies have so devastated things it would be impossible for it to turn around so quickly at this point. And I don't think our economy is being devastated because Obama is stupid. I think he is purposefully changing our country to enact socialist reforms.

But don't be surprised if he hand picks a few issues to cave into for that "hero" bounce. The MSM is quite practiced in their hero worship. Hollywood joins right into the fight as well.

But as huge as the economy is to people so is the morale of the country. As long as we're force fed lame shows by Hollywood that include slandering conservatives, zombie rabid brides, the Discovery channel trying to convince us we're all going to die in two years because oceans will swallow us whole....and government taking over our lives down to the grass blade in our yards....Americans are fed up with this socialist takeover going on. November was just the beginning.

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