Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ronald Reagan Had Character That Obama Does Not

For some creepy reason Obama keeps thinking he's like Ronald Reagan. First of all, he is nowhere even CLOSE to being a Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan did not win the 1980 election in a landslide victory because the GOP slandered Carter. He won because the American people were completely and totally fed up with out of control liberal arrogance and spending. Carter used to lecture the American people (sound familiar?) and people were tired of it. He whined, blamed, and insulted us to the point where we said ENOUGH!!!! His inept policies were destroying our country and our enemies were at our door.

Obama won because the Democrats slandered George Bush. The news media and Hollywood had unchecked power and the GOP rolled over and played dead. They were more concerned with keeping our country safe and underestimated the propaganda. Starting in 2006 they allowed Pelosi to knee cap and power her way over Washington and the progressives hammered the GOP almost to extinction. We watched our representatives fold like paper plates and we hated them for it. People like McCain and Graham sold us out.

History will show this. It will vindicate George Bush and show that he was a wonderful president. He was not perfect but he dealt with unbelievable danger and he kept us safe. He loves our country. He is a man of faith and he still believes in our country even though the political machine treated him like crap. We treated him like crap. Pelosi treated him like crap and she IS crap.

But this Ronald Reagan comparison with Obama is the biggest turd in the room.

Ronald Reagan was able to coax the Soviet Union out of communism. Ronald Reagan brought the left and right together to do things that were right for this country and he was able to convince the American people that he was in charge, he was protecting us, he was doing the right thing, and that we had to stick together and work hard and we would get through it together. He did not insult us. He did not threaten us. He didn't lie to us. He didn't throw a temper tantrum and whine. He respected us.

Obama has no respect for us whatsoever. He believes he is entitled and wants his way and if we don't like it then too bad. He wants to lecture us on how we should live and then goes out and plays golf, goes on vacation every three weeks, and eats Lobster while telling us to eat Hamburger Helper. He tells us we're stupid. He tells us we shouldn't worry ourselves about the economy. He honestly believes we should just give him unchecked power and believe what he says.

It's like putting Casey Anthony in charge of the country. He is a pathological liar. Every single thing he does is a calculated political move. You can't trust him. When you see him on TV giving us a lecture you don't believe what he says. You wonder what he is up to.

How could he possibly think he compares to Ronald Reagan?  I'll tell you how...because he actually believes his own cheerleader news crowd. The very same people at the alphabet news who worship his every word have convinced him he is all that. He is NOT all that. He has never been honest with us about anything. Every economic policy he has done has HURT this country. He has not altered one thing. The stimulus failed and he to this day refuses to admit it. He promised not to monetize our debt (print money) and he has done it TWICE and is now talking about a THIRD time. He lied to us about Obamacare. Day in and day out we see videos on the internet of all his lies. He is instituting a European socialist skeleton in this country and lies to us every single day about it.

Ronald Reagan may not have been right about everything, but he had the CHARACTER to admit when he was wrong. He had enough character and sincerity to correct his mistakes for the good of the country. He did not throw temper tantrums and he was not vengeful. He invited us all in and promised us he would make things better and he did just that. He may have disagreed with his foes about how to get something accomplished but had enough strength and kindness to see that it got accomplished for the good of all people. He knew when to listen and when to act. He had the maturity to be patient with those who were not and enough common sense not to burn his bridges. He could be friends with everybody but tough when he had to be. He did not have to trick people, lie, or con people. He had honesty and integrity on his side.

Obama will never say those things. History will show that this president was not an honest one. He was a deceitful one. He is not who he says he is. His intentions are not honorable. The progressives, just like the "global warming con job" are not trying to make our country stronger. They are trying to dismantle it and punish it.

There is NOTHING Ronald Reagan about that.

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