Thursday, July 7, 2011

Psychosis of The Anthony Family

Everybody is talking about the Casey Anthony trial so I suppose I should give my two cents.

I have to admit, when I was watching the trial the evidence the prosecution presented did not impress me much. And I'll even admit when I heard the defense closing argument there were things they said that I agreed with. I had problems with the duct tape. If you put duct tape on someone's face there is NO WAY in hell there would be no skin or tissue on it. And what about that creepy guy who found the body? He just really gave me the creeps. The police botched this case because they did not followup on a tip so they resorted to doing what politicians do...Assassinate their enemy thru the news media and hope for the best. Well, obviously that theory did not work out so well for them. As much as it hurts to watch this psychopath walk free at least we know that the system still works to a degree. The news media SHOULD NOT be used to destroy anybody...even if they deserve it.

This is one screwed up psychotic family. The mother, Cindy, was a whacko from the get go. You could just see her lying through her teeth and see it in her eyes. I remember watching Greta back when the story first started when Cindy Anthony blabbed all the time to her and back then my impression was that she was a pathological liar. Apparently, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I think we can all name a person in our lives who fits in this category. But I don't think many of us know anyone that could kill a 2-year-old baby.

My impression?  I kind of go in the direction that Casey Anthony lived in such a bizarre, strange web of lies she just got to the point where she lost touch with reality. I think she got pissed out at her mother and out of spite was going to hide her daughter from her and something went wrong and Caylee died. So then she had to cover it up. I think she got sick pleasure in watching her parents suffer and still does.

We have not seen the end to this story. This family is psycho. I think Casey will implode in a world of people who are going to be determined to con her. She is not mentally equipped to deal with the onslaught that is about to be her life. The entire family will try to profit from all this which in turn will make the entire country despise them.

It's like the world of Charmed. You can't profit from personal gain or it backfires on you.

I don't know these people but I have seen people like them....and I keep far, far, far away. Life is complicated enough without a bunch of drama freaks. But taking it to the point of murdering an innocent child is a whole other level.

Somebody, some day is going to pay for killing that baby. The karma meter at that home is going to bottom out. The sad part is the news media is going to swim in its glory. Book deals, movies, etc. But Casey Anthony had better have a good plan of hiding herself for a year or two. In fact...The entire family better have a good plan to hide itself.

Caylee is in a safe place. We should all take comfort in knowing that. Maybe she won after all.

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