Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Deal With Obama is Like George Bailey Shaking Hands With Mr. Potter

I'm proud of Boehner. Today anyway. He walked off from the Obama con job and left him with the economy squarely on his plate.

Does the president truly think Republicans would be stupid enough to raise taxes $2 trillion to save his butt? The Republicans were elected in a LANDSLIDE victory last November specifically to prevent this from happening. Does Obama even know what the Tea Party is about? Does he have a clue what the original Boston Tea Party was about? I honestly do not think he does.

The immediate issue right now is whether or not we raise the debt ceiling. Bottom line: Our government has spent so much money we have none left. In order to pay our bills we have to get approval to raise our budget. The Pelosi Democrats failed to pass a budget in the first place. They were on such a huge spending binge they did not want the restrictions of a budget. So they just didn't do one. In other words, Sugar Daddy gave her the credit card without a limit and Nancy went to Macy's and had a party. John Boehner just grabbed the credit card and cut it up into pieces. Now he's telling Sugar Daddy that he can't use that credit card again until he pays off some of the debt.

But Sugar Daddy doesn't like that idea. Instead of paying off the debt he wants to make up a bunch of bullshit lies and is throwing a tantrum, stomping his feet, crying, and looking like an idiot because he can't have unlimited spending at his fingertips. Instead of living within a budget and cutting some of his expenses he wants to take OUR money and spend it. Boehner is holding firm and I am proud of him.

Obama is doing a con job right now. He wants to BS the American public and the GOP. If the GOP agreed to $2 trillion in tax increases it would be the con job of the century. Not only would Obama be able to throw the GOP under the bus he would have unlimited money to spend on his pet projects for unions and socializing this country. Conservatives would cannibalize their party. Any huge spending cuts he is offering are not real spending cuts. They would just do another shell game and pay ACORN and the unions just like they always do. Remember the last "spending cuts" he agreed to? Yeah....the $15 billion that turned out to be like $15 million?

Obama and the Democrats are not honest. The only thing Obama is interested in is tricking the GOP to benefit politically. The ONLY INTEREST he has right now is HIMSELF and not the country. He could care less if the little people are working two jobs to pay the bills. He only wants to get himself re-elected and play golf and let his greedy wife go on vacation and live like a Queen eating lobster. Why would he want to fix the economy after he has spent the last two years driving down the value of the dollar PURPOSEFULLY?

I am proud Boehner is not caving and I am proud he walked away. No deal with Obama is an honest deal. It is a con game. Shaking hands with Obama is like George Bailey shaking hands with Mr. Potter. It makes you feel dirty. Remember when George wiped off his hand? It's a deal with the devil.

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