Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Hurricane Irene/Swine Flu/Terrorist Attack Distractions Keep on Coming.

So, interesting how immediately following Boy King's speech Thursday night we suddenly had a "credible threat" for a terrorist attack.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but every year since 9/11 we have always feared another attack on the anniversary and given this is the 10th anniversary it would be common sense that we'd be extra concerned. I keep seeing story after convuluted story about this "credible threat".

So, boy and girls, we have another "Hurricane Irene Swine Flu Crisis" to distract us from Boy King's terrible "re-election jobs plan that is really just a campaign speech" speech.

Reporters say the WH spammed their email with over 50 emails after the speech. Distraction.

Add in some "credible threat" and there you go. A news media that has a bunch of distractions to keep them from dissecting this so-called "jobs plan". It really is not a jobs plan. It's a political maneuver.

As much as Boy King said "pass this bill" he doesn't even have it on paper yet. It has not been scored so it cannot be seriously considered. Ironic, isn't it, that congress can no longer just pass legislation left and right and spend us into oblivion like when Pelosi was Queen. Congress can actually READ THE BILL. Which is why Boy King is sqawking so much. Nobody is licking his toes anymore. Poor guy.

So does it provide any comfort whatsoever to know that Boy King and his PR consultants are using the tragedy of 9/11 to distract us from his lousy speech? Are we surprised at all?

Stay tuned. I am sure as soon as the next issue starts to reflect on the president negatively they will come up with another distraction to throw off the news media. It's like clock work folks.

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