Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Left Exploits Tragedy

I've been watching all the 9/11 shows on cable this past week or so. Most of them I've seen before. Some are new. It always brings back the horror of that day and the things that we as a country went through. It was like nothing else our generation has ever seen. It affected all of us. Politicians and the ugly media were forced to come together as one. We can be butt-hole neighbors all we want but when the house is on fire you all come together to put it out.

Of course, it didn't take long for the ugliness to seep its way back in...thanks to the ugly left. It ushered in the Pelosi era which will be a blot in our history that our grandchildren will still be trying to pay for. George Bush went from the highest ratings ever to the lowest ratings ever thanks to the diligent work of the ugly left who went to great lengths with their hired PR consultants to bash our president as he worked hard to protect the country.

History will be kind to George Bush. The truth always comes out. He put our country before politics. He could have been like the Boy King and put HIMSELF first but he didn't. The best interest of our country and our safety were more important. Even when he knew the left would pound him or even when he knew people in his own party would pound him, he did the right thing. I myself am guilty of being frustrated and angry that he did not push back against the political vultures that descending down upon the GOP during the 2000s. Why, oh why, did Karl Rove allow the "you lied" LIE get so far out of control? Because George Bush rose above the politics of politics and was doing what he had to do to keep the country safe. Unfortunately, it was the Pelosi ugly left that decided to exploit this time in our history to plunder our government and suck it dry.

The mere fact that politicians would exploit a tragedy to do things that are bad for our country says it all. This is the calling card of the left. The socialists will exploit minority groups to force their agenda through. They will exploit people's feelings of empathy to trick us. Something as simple as the weather...has become a way to get our money, pass regulation to control us, to expand their hold on us, and destroy capitalism. They have no moral line they will not cross. They will use a hurricane to distract us. They will do whatever they have to do to stay in power to spread their ugly ideology.

Americans have grown up a lot since 9/11. We learned that not only are our enemies far away out to get us, but people in our own country are out to get us as well. We are not as naive as we once were. But we still have a long way to go. It's come down to politicians taking over the 9/11 memorial on the 10th anniversary, banning PRAYER of the most recent horrendous event in history. It's time to take our country back from these politicians. We cannot let the left take our country down this ugly path anymore. We cannot let the news media spread socialist propaganda. We cannot let Hollywood brainwash our beliefs.

The left will exploit every tragedy to its advantage and we just have to stand up and make them stop.

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