Thursday, September 22, 2011


More and more people are opening their eyes and realizing the socialist infection that the Pelosi era spread throughout Washington. Take Elizabeth Warren for example. Nobody gets rich by themselves.

They believe that all money belongs to everyone. This is socialist ideology 101. It does not take rocket science to figure this out.

Go to Cuba and see the standard of living we could all enjoy if we naively and stupidly think this way. Do you honestly think YOU are going to the lifestyle that Elizabeth Warren is living right now? Afraid not.

No...The socialists who are desperately hoping that Americans are as stupid and naive as they believe they are have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of living like the rest of us peasants. See, they will be too busy vacationing in the Bahamas to worry about us little people. THEY will be the ruling class, you see. THEY will be the dictators who set up all the rules for us...They KNOW BETTER.

Why these people got such a grip in Washington is beyond me...and it makes me hate Karl Rove even more. It makes me angry that Republicans in the past decade have turned a blind eye to it and have allowed it to get this far. It makes me angry that EVEN TO THIS DAY Republicans are afraid to say the "socialist" word for fear of being called "an extremist".

HELL YEAH! I'm an extremist. And I have some extreme news for you! You can bet your bottom dollar I am not going to let these socialists take over my country. And whatever Republican wants to bury his head in the dirt and deny the fact that these far-left socialist idiots are ruining my country...can find his butt in the street unemployed the next election.

The time for guessing is OVER. These socialists have an agenda and they are willing to sacrifice this entire country for it. They're not just going to hand over an election without a fight. They are going to play every dirty game, tell every ugly lie, and do whatever illegal, mafia-like, George Soros-loving trick in the book to buy their way to power so we can all live in some dirt shack somewhere with dial up while they go vacation in St. Lucas. Forget it! It is not going to happen.

The next election is not about whether Obama is too stupid to fix the economy. He has no intention of fixing the economy. We said it BEFORE he was elected and we say it now...He is doing this ON PURPOSE. He has done everything in his power to devalue our currency. He has put as many people as he possibly can on government assistance on PURPOSE. He is letting illegal immigrants flow across the border and sign up for welfare ON PURPOSE. The socialists want a ruling class...and the DUMBER WE ARE the more successful they will be.

We're smarter than this. And it's not over. We are going to win this fight and we are going to purge Washington of these socialist Mao-loving idiots whether they like it or not. And the GOP had better get with the program or they're going to get kicked out, too.

And if Mooochelle wants to wonder why we do so much to celebrate our flag...She can wonder all she wants somewhere else. The sooner we get back to loving our country again the better. This is OUR country and not theirs. If they don't like it they can leave.

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