Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Class Warfare, Division, and George Soros

I read the "glowing" article today by the Daily Beast on George Soros and honestly...It makes me want to throw up. I'm surprised the author didn't lick his toes and walk on hands and knees. Talk about paid robots.

First of all, George Soros is the biggest SLEAZEBALL the world has ever seen and he has been involved in this country's politics FAR TOO LONG. Half the reason the Democrats have sold their souls to the devil points back to his interference.

Let's just point out one. The "occupied" movement. Van Jones, self-proclaimed COMMUNIST. Hater of the United States. Bigot of all Bigots. He used to be the "green czar" for Valerie Jarrett and her Chicago Mafia of Merry Men...When it became apparent that they couldn't bilk the American public over the global warming scam they turned to this self-proclaimed bigot to start class warfare and race riots.The left has been trying to use this outdated scam for decades and it never works. We have moved BEYOND this people. Which is why they are just flooding our cities with illegal immigrants who don't know this and don't care. The Dems naively think that they can create new classes of people who will largely depend on THEM for their existence.The Dems and their Soros goon squads naively believe they can at will command these people to do their dirty work for them like they are some kind of tribal war lords or something idiotic on that level.

When you have instability you have an excuse to clamp down on the public. The Communist left knows that Americans are much too smart, much to calm, and much too RATIONAL for their "grand design" to work. So what are they doing? They are creating these CLASS WARFARE situations. The occupied movement sure has shined hasn't it? Their paid help hasn't exactly been holding up their end of the bargain. They got a bunch of hippie kids from rich Liberals at Princeton and Berkley to camp out in tents at parks which became rat invested and disgusting and the public has roundly (and justly) rejected the entire movement.

In case you haven't noticed the left is still trying to stoke racial division to get things even uglier. The left is trying every UGLY TACTIC they can think of to make our country fall apart. Go around on the internet and if you see any stories about race you will see LEFTIST THUGS who are PAID FOR by the George Soros PROPAGANDA TEAM posing as conservatives making racist comments all over the place. How do I know they are fake conservatives? Because if you dig a little deeper into their profile you see who they really are. They create fake profiles. And it's the same group of people. You see the same idiotic freaks, groups of fake people going around from blog to blog and website to website leaving the same FAKE COMMENTS all over the internet.

You see....Soros believes you can create a race and class war if you put enough money into it. He's been doing a great job over in Europe. Look at this article about him. Does it mention ANYWHERE in this article that his first job as a kid was helping the Nazi's collect all the possessions of the Jews on their way to concentration camps? In his OWN BOOK he describes this as "the best time of his life". Does it tell you how in his OWN BOOKS and interviews how he ridicules the US and the people and how he plans to use capitalism as a means of DESTROYING THE US? You can find this information easily coming out of his OWN MOUTH. But do you see that in this article? No...of course not.

This freak wrote a book and he wants to be seen as some kind of "savior" of the world. He has said so in his OWN BOOKS. But what he is really doing is trying to destroy us. He wants to run this country into the ground and he has made this perfectly clear. He has even taunted us..and made fun of us...because he says he can state his purpose clearly and we're too stupid to pay attention and do anything about it.

The elite media is not going to tell you the dark side of George Soros or Boy King and his anti-American goons. If you are not paying attention...you will get sucked right into the propaganda. Educate yourselves. Educate your children. We do have rough times ahead of us because of the financial debt we have allowed the liberals (and conservatives) to drag us into. But we are AMERICANS and that is the one thing George Soros and his greedy mind can't get his head around.

Not only will we work out way out of this mess..We will take him to the woodshed in the process. These people don't get it. They don't get what being an American is. They just hate us.

They are going to find out the hard way what we are really made of.

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