Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting People To Pay Attention

A lot of talk about the budget battle.  In the long run it comes down to this:  Most people will listen to 5 seconds of the discussion then change the subject.  They don't care.  They care when they have to put gas in their car.  They care when they buy groceries.  They care when they pay their bills and there is nothing left over.  But as far as listening to news pundits talk about BLAH-BLAH-BLAH on the TV?  Nope. 

Yes, there are the dedicated political hawks like us who DO care and go from one website after another looking for stories and information and basically gossip.  But we're not the majority.  Strangely enough, we are the minority.  I know that's amazing to think of...but it's true.  For a lot of people Jon Stewart and the like is their main source or "gauge" of politics.

If a politician gets busted doing something really bad then people pay attention for about 3 hours.  So like if a guy gets caught with a prostitute then poof, they're gone.  But it's getting to the point now where that doesn't even matter.  Look at Eliot Spitzer.  He has his own TALK SHOW on CNN.  How disgusting is that?  We know they're all crooks but seriously, when did that become okay?  Of course with Hollywood shoving Jerry Springer like entertaining down our throats all the time why be surprised?  We have mothers who have infertility treatment in order to have 50 kids so they can get their own reality show, exploit their children and use them as a means to gain fame, fortune, and material things. These kids will grow up just as warped as their mothers.  Reality shows are so popular on TV and why? Because we like watching people who have weirdness in their lives or who act badly.

Not to say there aren't people out there who are decent and have good shows.  There are a few.  But when you flip through the TV guide these days and see shows called "Eating Crocodile Frenzy" and "Killer Hogs" I mean seriously.  And these are the animal shows!!  How about the guy with like ten wives?  Awwww, he just wants to get laid every night...give the guy a break.  Never mind that the women are totally pathetic and have set back progress for women and decent family life 50 years.  How about the old 80s hair band rock stars who have a show about picking which slutty, skanky woman to have sex with?  There's quality television for our children for sure.  I could sit here all day describing disgusting show after disgusting show. And then we scratch our heads and wonder why we have warped values?

Religion is actually making a comeback in the country but Hollywood and the news does not want you to know that.  They attack religion at every turn and would rather tell you corruption stories about the Catholic church.  They have an agenda.  What used to be a form of entertainment somehow got hijacked by the politicians.  They spend millions of dollars trying to change your mind about things.  They want to rewrite history and present a "different side of things".  In fact, they've worked their way into our childrens' schools and are teaching this garbage to our children.  What about shows that teach people the progress we've made with racism?  What about shows showing the struggles of the gay community?  How about teaching kids that we're all different and that differences are good?  There is a lot of progress we've made in both of those areas and the country is BEGGING for positive stories like this but Hollywood refuses to give it to them.  They will do a complete documentary telling you how racist we are and how intolerant we are but they won't show the positive side or the progress we've made. It doesn't make them money and it does not further their agenda.  They would rather we all hate eachother and become divided.

We are a great country.  There is no place like the United States.  We are a very young country, and we have achieved great things.  We are who we are because people decided to leave the corruption of Britain and begin a new way of thinking.  Well those corrupt people have made their way into this country.  They are trying to change us and corrupt us and take away the things that make us unique and strong.  People like George Soros don't give a flip about us.  He is just trying to destroy us and profit from it. 

Our challenge is this:  We have to remind people who we are and why we're great.  We have to make sure people know the issues.  We can't rely on Hollywood and we cannot rely on the news people.  We have to point to the gas prices and the food prices and our pay checks and say "HEY!  This isn't right".  Then we need to point and Washington, DC and get people to realize that the politicians are the problem.  Fix Washington and we fix our country.  Turn off your TV and stop watching the agenda that Hollywood wants you to watch.  Educate yourselves...listen to all sides and decide for yourself what is most important to you and your family.  Because if we don't get people to pay attention....We could lose it all.

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