Friday, April 29, 2011

A Beautiful Royal Wedding to Enjoy

It was a beautiful Royal wedding and I loved watching it.  I remember watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles get married and how neat it was.  Of course, we always thought Charles was a dork but Princess Diana was loved by everyone.  It's wonderful to see how great Prince William and Prince Harry have turned out....and their mother is a great part of it.  She broke through the murk of the Royal stuffiness and made sure they had good character.

The Obama Mafia apparently banned a print reporter from covering Obama's events because they had the AUDACITY to take photos of some Obama protesters.  Typical.  Freedom of the Press is alive and well in this administration, eh?  There is freedom as long as you kiss the Boy King's feet and stay in line.  Of course we all heard about it so when they do these things it just makes them look bad.

The knee-capping is not going over as well as it did the first two years.  In fact, the past month or so I've been rather surprised at the push back the Boy King is getting. I don't believe he will get a pass this time as much as 2008.  I think his ego has grown and that will get under his skin and he won't be as composed.  We are already seeing cracks.  Trump really got over on him and THAT was a hoot to watch.  And don't think the birth certificate issue has gone away.  The fake document Obama produced just created more controversy.  I guess they think people are stupid or they thought the news media would roll over and tow the line....whatever they thought it was wrong.  Any 5-year-old can look at that document and know it's doctored.

Meanwhile, we're watching the economy crash, the dollar crash, coffee costs $5 a can, meat prices are ridiculous...and quite frankly I'm sick of it.  I can spend $100 at the grocery store and still eat Ramen noodles four times a week.  Just a few years ago I could catch a great sale on New York Strip steaks and stock up my freezer and those days are OVER.  It is no longer practical to even indulge once in a while.

But enough of that...I wanna watch Prince William, Prince Harry....and the future of the Royal monarchy.

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