Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Boy King's Future

Here's a crazy thought:  What if all this racism talk is setting up Obama's future endeavors?

If it becomes completely apparent that a collapsing economy is going to ruin Obama's chances of winning the next election will the puppet masters of the Democratic party throw him under the bus?  Is it conceivable that if that happens Obama would come out swinging, calling the country AND the Democrats racist?  Wouldn't that set him up as some kind of adored, martyred god of the black community?

Is Obama so arrogant he'd see himself as some kind of new MLK?

I think there is an official strategy by the DNC to use race as a political strategy.  Even Bill Clinton said that when it was used against he and Hillary both.  They wanted Obama to be untouchable.  They wanted the guilt vote.  A few years ago people bristled at the racism charge.  Now....not so much. 

People get sick of being called racist.  There are very few full blown racists that are not shunned by society.  As a whole these people are outcasts and the large majority of Americans know it.  Ignorance is not racism.  The news media likes to play "gotcha" with race and set people up and point fingers but the majority of the population is over it. That strategy is not going to work this time.

Any Republican candidate who shakes in fear of the RAACISM charge needs to pack it up and go home.  They belong to the John McCain, Lindsay Graham crowd and their days are numbered. 

Al Sharpton is the biggest racist I have seen.  He makes a living being an ass.  He exploits the black community.  He is akin to an ambulance chasing lawyer.  He should make one of those commercials on know the ones where the lawyers list all the horrible conditions a drug can give you and then begs you to call because they will help you get rich by suing the drug maker.  He should make commercials and beg people to call him so he can get rich on their false racism charges.  That's all he does.  He is pathetic.

I can see Obama and his ego going in this direction.  If it becomes apparent he can't fix the economy or it gets so bad people start truly chanting to get him thrown out you can bet your life the Boy King is not going to go away quietly in the night.  He is going to have a second coming of MLK moment, call the country racist, do as much damage as he possibly can and become some kind of martyr for the black community.

Just think about it.  They adore him.  He lives for that stuff.  He wants people to grovel at his feet and pamper him and tell him how he makes a tingle go up their leg.  He's not going to sit around for two years getting beat up by the American people.  He pretty much hates us.  We are an annoyance.

Mark my words on this.

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