Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Yellers

It has become apparent who the ugly yelling people are these past few days.  You know who I am talking about.  People on the left AND people on the right who yell and stomp their feet and make fools of themselves.

I have actually seen people on the right DEMAND that the GOP shut down the government and anything short of that is failure and a cave-in.

I have seen people on the left cry because they were afraid the GOP were trying to kill women and seniors.

Both extremes are ridiculous.  Most of us are sitting in the middle shaking our heads at both of them.

This budget fight was a good time to observe this yelling phenomena.  You can identify the trouble makers.

In the wise words of Bruce Lee...."You cannot fight hate with more hate.  You fight hate with peace."  And he is right.  It saddens me to see people on ANY side so full of hate and ill-will.  We are never going to fix this country beating each other up and fighting.  Our best strategy is to identify and isolate the trouble makers and then come together in the middle and RESPECTFULLY come up with solutions.

The left yearns for hate.  They THRIVE on it.  Nothing would make them happier than for some Tea Party folks to snap and do something stupid.  We would never hear the end of it. We're smarter than that, though.  We can step back and watch the yellers and haters act stupid...and learn from their mistakes.

Speaker Boehner did an EXCELLENT job fighting for us and we should be elated and thrilled that we have the upper hand in the next battle.  Pick your battles my friends.  Don't live on the news media frenzy.  All you're doing is feeding the news media the attention they want.  Having temper tantrums like the leftist thugs is not going to win over anybody.  It just brings you down to their level.

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