Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama And His Partisan Speech

A budget plan?  That was not a speech about a budget plan or anything logical to fix our country.  It was recycled campaign speeches pandering to his low-information voter base.  It was so boring even BIDEN fell asleep.

This is what we're left with for leadership in this country.  A president who is more concerned about his own ego than he is about the country. He has a chip on his shoulder ten miles wide and it shows.  How far do the American people put up with it?  How bad does the economy have to get before people demand he and the news media do something?  The entire alphabet PRAVDA news panders to the government. 

Obama is creating a dependent class of bums that depend on the government and the Democrats want to be the RULING CLASS.  Do you want to be a bum living in a shack with no hope?  Or do you want to get off your butt and shake some sense into people?

We are way better than this.  We cannot let this idiot change our country.

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