Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a quiet morning so far.  That always makes me wonder what the news people are up to.  Amazing how they all go quiet at the same time, isn't it?  Makes you realize how coordinated they are despite them taking swipes at each other.

Which leads me to an important point.  The regular news media, whether it's the right or left, has the same objective even if they are on different sides politically and people need to realize that. They want your attention.  Ratings are money.

This concerns me greatly.  With all the turmoil going on right now the last thing we need to do is get involved in civil wars in Africa. Is George Clooney involved in this?  Has this Libya thing been a lead in to more involvement in conflicts we have no business being involved in? Obama already has no clue what he is doing and it's becoming abundantly clear he is flying by the seat of his pants. Let's hope he gets busy adoring himself and campaigning for re-election and doesn't throw us into more unjustified situations.

Boehner is listening to us.  That's the important thing here.  Republicans handed over the country in the mid-2000's because they were intimidated by Piglosi and her ilk.  They didn't even fight for it.  The time for compromise is OVER.  The Dems do not want to compromise or do anything bipartisan.  They only want to play games and play politics and screw with us.  They are THUGS.  We elected the Republicans in November to go put a stop the "work together" nonsense and thank you, Speaker Boehner, for listening.

Well there's another amazing coincidence.  I just mentioned George Clooney and here he is.  I KNEW it.  If my instincts are right Obama is about to drag us into civil wars in Africa that we have no business getting involved in.  Celebrity activists and Hollywood stars with money and way too much influence.

This is Liberal Media Spin 101.  It is all a lie and CBS is just sitting there letting him lie.  No challenge even though Boehner has said over and over every single day there has never been an agreement.

And Reid saying Republicans are hurting "poor little children"...CRY ME A FREAKING RIVER.  That is total nonsense.  There are days I swear we live in the old Soviet Union.  Our news media has to be held accountable for the blantant hipocrisy.

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