Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Liar-In-Chief

Our president is a liar.  He is not only just your regular, run of the mill political liar, he is dishonest to the point of being Mafia like. It seems to be the thing he enjoys....Fooling people.  Have you noticed that Obama is happiest when he is campaigning? He hates actually leading or doing things important.  He is happiest when he is giving speeches that are full of lies and fool people.  What kind of character trait is that?

Is he just a snake oil salesman?  Or does he truly believe that the socialist/Marxist policies he is trying to force on us are for the "greater good"?  Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in an episode of Charmed.  You know, the one when Leo wanted to become an Avatar but he had to convince the charmed ones that being an Avatar was "good".  We would live in a fantasy world of Unicorns and evil would be defeated.  No one would be sad or upset.  We would all get along and live happily ever after.

Do you honestly think that even if we gave the progressives every single thing they want they'd just cheer and be happy?  I promise you...they would just cannibalize themselves and it would get worse.

These people are greedy snake oil salesmen who want to get rich on our destruction.  They will use your grandmother, sick kids, polar bears and any other victim they can create, exploit, or think of to get you to believe their socialist agenda.

There is no magic fairy dust.  Nobody is going to give you a free ride. They are lying through their teeth and you are going to end up WORSE than what we started with.  Obama ENJOYS this game.  He gets a rise out of telling you lies and it feeds his sick ego that people believe what he says.  He probably can't believe he can get away with it.

Last night he had no alternative plan to fix our debt or budget problems.  He just attacked Paul Ryan (and had invited him to attend so he could look him in the eye when he lied through his teeth) and fed Americans a big pile of CRAP that meant nothing and he enjoyed it. It is a disgrace to this country.

For decades we will talk about when Americans were fooled.  We should use this time in history as a lesson to future generations. You work hard, pay your bills and don't trust politicians, Hollywood or the news media. None are your friends.

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