Monday, April 4, 2011

PRAVDAVITES - Resistance Is Fu-Tile.

PRAVDAVITES:  Similar to the Borg in Star Trek, their main mission is to asimmilate into the collective.  They are programmed to repeat over and over progressive far-left Utopian propaganda that are the main talking points of the Democratic party.  They generally do not engage in debate as they rarely know what the issues actually are.  They are set to automatically shut down true conversation with specifically designed slander and slogans.

Considered to be harmless but large in number.  When encountering a Pravdavite it is best just to identify them and leave alone.  They will continue to circulate within the collective and are usually not dangerous.  However, it is occasionally fun to engage them just for the fun of it.  Pravdavites only watch one or two Utopian Left news channels and nothing else.

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