Saturday, April 23, 2011

Transgender Woman Beaten in Attack Still Goes Unreported

As I reported yesterday, the beating of a woman in Baltimore still goes unreported by the news media.  It was a brutal attack.  It turns out the woman was transgender which makes this story even more tragic.

The jerk who made and posted the video bragged on his Facebook post "this was a man dressed up as a woman" as if to justify the beating.  The employees standing there laughing, refusing to help should all be charged with hate crimes.

I know this area well.  It is extremely racist and dangerous to live in that area and it's the reason I moved my kids away from it.  It does not surprise me in the least that this happened.  The woman who fell victim to this event should get a very good lawyer and sue every single person identified in that video. And the old lady who came to her rescue, who most probably saved her life by refusing to let those animals drag her by the hair into the parking lot, should be rewarded by the city and held up as an example of bravery.

These type of things should NOT be censored by the news media.  These are the things that need to be exposed. It is a horrendous example of some of the worst areas of our country and it is allowed to go unchallenged because people are afraid to be "racist".  This was racist...and it was a hate crime.  And if not for the internet no one would know about it.

And might I just add:  If this had been a black transgender beaten up by white girls there would be a 24 hour news loop about it on all the liberal news outlets and they would be blaming the Tea Party for it.

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