Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Saturday friends!  You know, I do like this format better.  I don't feel like I have to focus on one issue in one story for the day.  Of course I was inspired by Kevin's open thread on  All of you...have you created your blogs yet?  You need to do it.  We all have our groups of friends.  We need to spread the word.  We are the conservative news media.  US.  YOU and ME.  The more of us the merrier.

This just makes me mad.  The Democratic party has become so corrupt there is no longer a true Democratic party.  It's just a group of socialist mafia thugs stealing our money.  1) I am angry that the true liberals allowed their party to be taken over by such corrupt people.  2) I am angry that the Republican party of the mid-2000's gave up and handed our government over without so much as a fight.  NEVER AGAIN.

It's a sad day in sports.  More evidence that we have to get off this hate train we're on.

I think the Republican candidate needs to hop on the "We need to come together" train.  The successful candidate (either side) is going to be the one that brings us back from this divided state we're in and bring us together. People are tired of it.  It takes a lot more effort and energy to hate than it does to be at peace. If people want peace so much then why does it seem so impossible?

Why?  Because we have professionals out there teaching us how to hate eachother.  Professionals who know how to milk the media and Hollywood to get your money and attention. I think we're ripe for some good old fashioned happiness.  What do you think?

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