Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday

To all my Christian friends, Happy Good Friday =)  If you're not a Christian then enjoy the day anyway.  But today is the day we call Good Friday and people have always wondered...why on earth do we call it Good Friday when it represents the day Jesus was crucified?  It does seem kinda odd.

But of course we know that the reason it is Good Friday is because Jesus died so we could be forgiven for our sins.  Imagine the courage that took.  Imagine the character and strength of sacrificing oneself for all the people who basically were a bunch of schmucks doing bad things all the time.

Have you ever tried to read the Bible from front to back?  I have.  I never get very far. But I do know most of the important stories.  We each have our own level of religious conviction.  I believe the Bible is a story.  I do not take it word for word literally but as a story written.  The people who roamed the earth 2000 years ago were a lot different from us.  It would be impossible to know exactly how they thought or how they lived.  Sure, we have archeology and all that stuff.  But they find new stuff daily and things change consistently enough for me to think that we will never TRULY know what it was like back then.

But I have faith that this book would not have survived during human times unless it had meaning.  There are religions in all kinds of cultures and basically most religions all say the same things.  Be kind to your neighbor.  Do good things and good things will be returned to you.  Have faith that good will conquer evil.

I am wishing good will and happiness to all of you and good karma all around!

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