Monday, April 25, 2011

How Bad Does it Have to Get?

I think people do realize that something bad is about to happen...They are just hoping for the best.  I would like to hope that people truly aren't this stupid but I am afraid they are.  There are more people willing to turn away and deny things are going to be bad.  They want to be optimistic.  But that puts us all in danger and the news media is COMPLICIT in this crime.

I will never in my life trust the news media.  The news media are liars.  They are there to make a buck...not to protect us or act as a watch dog.  They are in business to make money.  The politicians have them in their pocket.  The billionaires have them in their pocket and in some cases like George Soros...He OWNS the news media.

How some old, communist, geezer like George Soros can come across the globe after destroying other countries...and made his BILLIONS destroying them....and then be welcomed by Hollywood and the news media is just beyond my comprehension.  Money really can buy anything.

Would you sell out your country for money?

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