Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Just Watch Obama Look Annoying For a While

I realized something today as I looked at the picture of Obama headed off toward Marine One on his way to go campaign for presidency as the government was about to shut down.....

Nobody really is looking forward to the next election season.  It's going to be ugly.  The Democrats get nastier every day and Obama is nasty #1.

And we still have no Republican leader stepping out in front to get his head chopped off yet.  Now to SOME this is concerning.  I do admit it's tempting sometimes to want some strong, fearless Republican leader to jump out and give Obama the business.  But you know what?  The longer Obama is out there all by his little ego-driven self...the more annoying he becomes to people.

There he is again...Mr. Teleprompter guy.  Going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on....and on.  Saying the same ole' stuff.  Same ole' "Blame Bush" strategy.  Everybody hates him because they're racist. BooHoo.  BooHoo.  Nothing is his fault.  It was Reagan's fault...BUT WAIT...He is JUST LIKE Reagan, right? He wears a cowboy hat and calls himself the GIPPER.  ROFL (That was a personal favorite).  The Republicans are killing puppies and gashing out the eyes of kittens and...

OH THE HUMANITY!  Those Nazi Tea Partiers who are fascist and evil...sniff...sniff.

Yeah.  Everybody is looking forward to that, aren't they?

You know that gag where you lead your friends to the lake and pretend to jump into the cold water but right when you're supposed to jump you don't and then your snookered friend does and ends up all wet??  You stand there and laugh at them because they were so gullible?

That's what we should do now with Obama. Just laugh and point...

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