Friday, April 1, 2011

More Green Puts Green In THEIR Pockets

Global warming.  The greatest ponzi scam on earth.  $60 trillion dollars is the estimated amount that the "green" movement is passing around amongst each other.  They took something as unpredictable and unprovable as the weather, threw in some cute polar bears, some pictures of dead fish...and there you have it.  A class of progressive socialists rolling around in OUR money laughing all the way to the bank.

Not that the socialists here in the states were smart enough to come up with this all by themselves.  They just hijacked a fruit loop populist movement in Europe and made it corrupt and their own. Al Gore, Fruit Loop #1, we can thank for that.  And where is he? Laughing his way to his billion dollar bank account. Sitting on the beach at his million dollar mansion.  Remember...the beach that would flood and drown everybody and he bought a million dollar mansion there.

So over the summer we discover that our dishwashers don't work.  Countless people had this problem.  I am sure the dishwasher repair industry truly appreciated the liberals in Washington State who passed a law that they didn't even think they could pass because it was so stupid.  But they did.  It took the cleaning solution OUT of dishwasher detergent.  Guess what?  If there is no cleaning solution in it DISHES DON'T GET CLEAN.  So what do we have to do? We have to go out and buy "green products" that finish the cleaning process so our dishes get clean.

Anybody notice that their clothes are harder to wash? Spots and what not are not coming out? You have to go out and buy a "green product" to get those pits clean now.

Notice your bar soap won't get all foamy and soapy and fun to play with in the shower?

We need a new law in Washington.  Politicians should not be able to PROFIT from the legislation they pass. I know, I know, that would be almost impossible to do but....We should try it.

The entire "green movement" is corrupt to begin with.  It is based on junk science that is full of crap.  It's a bunch of hippy scientists who GET MONEY to sit on their ass at some university and "ponder" nonsense. They have proven NOTHING.  Yet these liberal lawmakers are passing laws and buying shares in companies that benefit from those laws....and they are getting rich.

And we are not.

Of course this has been happening since the beginning of time but now the money has gotten bigger and the impact larger.  It affects the entire country.  Some lawmaker (like say...OUR GOVERNMENT) who has ownership/shares in say...GENERAL MOTORS...can start a wild RUMOR like...Oh, I don't know....TOYOTA...that would hurt Toyota (although Americans weren't that stupid after all....everybody knows Japanese cars are better) and cause GM cars to sell more.

So at what point have they crossed the line?  When the news media is so in the tank and bought off and paid for by people like George Soros who PROFIT from these tactics how can we be reasonably sure ANYTHING is the truth? When our own president goes to Brazil to work deals for billionaires making billions on oil shouldn't we be alarmed?  When unions harass, intimidate, and threaten the lives of lawmakers so that THEY can take people's money and keep a political party in what point do we say that's enough??

There are big bucks being made these days by politicians and political parties.  We have to figure out how to get that money back into OUR hands and OUT of theirs. 

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