Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama's "Cool" Will Come off As Arrogant And Angry


I like this video for a specific reason.  During the 2008 election Obama was able to control his temper.  He was "Mr. Cool".  He controlled the news media and the news media let him control them.  He was always smiling, pleasant and constrained.  His teleprompter did the talking.  The MSM was going to do all it could to get this guy elected.

This time around the news media, as liberally biased as it is, will not be so easily controlled.  Obama is so used to being in charge of all the things around him he does not have the patience to put up with people who question him. He will not like to be challenged.  He will not like it when people do not grovel at his feet and part the seas for him to pass.  He expects to be treated like the king he thinks he is.  If there is one thing we all know for sure, Obama despises the news media and up to this point they have for the most part loved him back. Hence the past few weeks we have seen several instances where Democrats have been "exposed" in off the record open mic situations.  That is not by mistake.  That's people in the media leaking stuff that up until now they refused to leak. 

Obama has become so brazen in his lies that he has doubled down on the "make up lies" strategy.  He recently claimed his environmental Czar Chu actually designed the cap that went on top of the pipe that was leaking oil in the Gulf which is a bold faced lie.  Why he said that is anybody's guess. It's a stupid lie, really.  Did he say it to justify his czar?  Or did he just want some cheap applause from the audience?  His insecurities were showing.  It reveals the fatal flaw that Obama has regarding his perception of himself.  He was so "beloved" in the primary and election and the first two years of his presidency he actually believes his own press. He just makes stuff up and doesn't think anything he says will be questioned because he is Mr. Important.

Obama was never a great senator.  He did nothing for the area of Chicago that he represented.  It was the slums of Chicago full of crime and poor people.  It still is full of crime and full of poor people.  When was the last time you heard ANYTHING about his accomplishments?  He wrote two books about himself. That is it.

What kind of person writes an autobiography about themselves before they've even accomplished anything? He was full of himself before he was even president.  And it turns out he didn't even WRITE the books!  Bill Ayers wrote "Dreams of My Father" .  You remember him...He was the guy that Obama denied he even knew, despite the fact that Valerie Jarrett, his trusted right arm, grew up with Bill Ayers. His second book was based on Jeremiah Wright, the bigot, racist black theologen that Obama also threw under the bus when he was a candidate, and a ghost writer wrote it as well.

Obama apparently was "The Chosen One" by the far-left socialist progressives and was put on the pedestal to gain power for the Democratic party.  But to Obama it's all about HIM.  You look at this video and he is defensive and argumentative and has no patience for anyone questioning him. He looks testy and angry.

Do you see anything that even resembles a "bipartisan spirit" in this video?  He was asked to comment about a state that is largely Republican and he immediately goes on the defensive and states it won't stay that way.  What he's really saying is "Once we buy off all the Hispanic votes and convince them how racist the conservatives are it will flip over to Democrat".  Yeah, good luck with that.  The Liberals think that is a great strategy and I would like to remind you that when the mad scientist built Frankenstein he also had the same intention.  That "nifty" underhanded political strategy of today will become our nightmare headache of tomorrow.

I predict Obama will face a much more hostile press this time around.  The more people are paying at the grocery store and gas pump the less popular this president will become.  The Republicans have very successfully put themselves on top of the "This economy needs to be fixed" debate.  Obama blew it off and made it a partisan issue.  He is actually attacking the Republicans for trying to fix it.  You can argue all day long over the amounts, whether Boehner caved or not, this, that and the other but the FACT is in the bigger picture the Republicans firmly put themselves on the record as being the ones who are SERIOUS about fixing the economy.  Obama put himself in the stupid category.  The more people challenge and question him the more angry he will become.  And that spells success for the conservatives.

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