Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Sure Sign The Fairy Dust is Wearing Off

Yep.  Obama and his team of idiots think they can use the same playbook as 2008 and win the election.  Obama's ego has grown in size.  He thinks he is all so powerful that he can go to San Francisco and tell the leftist of them all to stuff if and get away with it.  Is he really this arrogant?  Why, yes he is.

See, if there is one thing I know about leftist thugs....They are unpredictable and pretty much hate everybody. Obama, as my Mom liked to say, has "gotten too big for his britches".

The Obama thugs bragged after the 2008 election that they were able to win largely because they controlled the news media.  Anne "I love Mao" Dunn sat in interview after interview talking about how easy it was to do.  That was all they did...controlled the message.  Of course we don't know exactly how much money was stuffed into pockets but it's a pretty good guess that the liberal left oozed all over itself the last election and the money laundering was immense.  George Soros is still pumping his money into the left but even HE is growing tired of the Boy King's ego.

We have been seeing some push back from the news media this time.  We've seen open mics getting reported.  CBC didn't reveal the actual audio of Obama calling Americans slugs but they at least reported it.  In the WH' s attempt to cover the story they prolonged it.  In Obama's attempt to cover up the protesters in SF they prolonged the story.  They turned it from a story about some idiot liberal protesters into Nazi Obama.

This WH is becoming pretty creepy and the American people are fed up with it.  You can pretty much get away with anything as president if the public is overall happy.  Guess what?  We ain't happy.  Gas prices are sky high and this jerk doesn't get it.  Food prices are going up and this guy is still eating lobster. Salaries are going down and the cost of living is going up.  This does not make for happy summer barbecues.

We have a long time between now and the next election.  Obama is already trying to raise money to win power.  We have to prevent him from gaining power another four years.  It would be the destruction of life as we know it.  Time to throw the fairy dust away and put up the fake unicorns.  This is war.

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