Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Happened to All The Anti-Gitmo, Anti-War People?

I'm not surprised Obama and Holder announced yesterday that they will be putting the 9/11 terrorists on trial through the military.  In fact...I think that was their intention all along.

The progressives do a lot of "nudging".  Put the camel's nose under the tent.  They instigate and push people and help drive their agenda forward.  They've spent the past three decades working on this strategy and it has been paying off.  We can thank the terrorists Weather Underground and other assorted 1960s hippies for that.

Remember how OUTRAGED people were when Holder announced that the Gitmo prisoners would be tried in federal court in NYC?  It started the entire Ground Zero roller coaster and Obama discovered quickly that this was not popular and most people thought he was insane.  A big chunk of support came from the anti-war crowd who irrationally hated George Bush and for whatever irrational reason hated Gitmo.  Remember all those "freedom/liberty/justice" folks back in the day?  Where have those people gone?  Did they just forget about it?  It doesn't matter now because Obama is president I guess.  See, it was not a REAL issue for them.  It was an AGENDA DRIVEN issue.

Just like the polar bears drive the global warming issue.  The Utopian Left uses symbols.  The 9/11 trials being moved to federal court in NYC was not popular but it introducded the entire "Islamaphobia" agenda.

Which ties in with the "RAAACIST" agenda.  See the issue really isn't about racism.  It's just a great way to isolate and label your opponent.  Calling people RAACIST used to be shocking and horrible.  Now it's not thanks to Obama.  Now it's just a joke.  So if you DO actually suffer from racism (which certainly exists) when you call people out for it YOU will look bad because now people see the likes of Al Sharpton and think you're just being a jerk.

It was never really about bringing the 9/11 terrorists to trial in NYC.  It was about the "Islamaphobia" agenda.  And guess what??  Now that the news media completely ignored it...(Anything that reflects on Obama badly automatically gets forgotten by the PRAVDAVITES remember)...Obama can come back completely out of nowhere during campaign season and say "Hey...Let's try the terrorists in Military court after all" and he looks like a hero, right?  Forget the fact that he completely dumped on all the anti-Gitmo people who dogged George Bush....I guess they were fake to begin with.  Just like the polar bear issue the Gitmo issue was just made up and really did not exist but it was a great tool to use to further their agenda.

So I predict a lot of things Obama did to get a rise out of people....will be walked back now in the name of "compromise".  He wants to look like Mr. Bipartisan when in reality it was just a political game.  The wasted time spent on nonsense for agenda sake doesn't matter. 

Obama is going to be doing a lot of posturing and lying and smiling and telepromptering....and getting NOTHING done.  Another 18 months of wasted time in Washington, DC.  Too bad we can't get him to walk back Obamacare.

11:00 a.m. UPDATE:


Slandering our military.  As I've mentioned before this has become a sport with the liberal lawyers that have infiltrated our military.  They've made it so hostile in fact people I know are saying people are hesitant to even fight the war because they're afraid some liberal lawyer is jump out from behind a rock and charge them with something.  It has been happening a long time now, gotten worse over the past decade.  It needs to stop.

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