Thursday, April 14, 2011

Clinton and Reagan

In the 1980s Ronald Reagan swept into his presidency and enacted great changes by working with the largely Democratic congress to propel us into great prosperity.  The country was in total malaise when he came to power.  The Carter years had drained us all.  Just like we are being drained right now.  We were exhausted and tired of it by 1980.

Ronald Reagan brought Democrats and Republicans together.  He brought the country together.  We all knew we had to buckle down and work hard and things would get better and he was right.  We behaved ourselves and did the right things and it got better.

Bill Clinton was able to fix our economy again in the 1990s by coming together with a Republican congress to fix our problems.  He heard the people when they said no to the radical left agenda and he did what he had to do to get the country back on track.  He put his ego aside, he put the party aside, and he did the right things.

Both Reagan and Clinton did what was best for the country.  Not what was best for their party.  Reagan was a fierce conservative.  Clinton was a fierce liberal.  But when push came to shove they moved us in the right direction on common ground. There was a time and place for partisan politics with both but not when it came down to the foundation of our country.  Our children and their futures were the most important thing.

We know that Obama is not doing things for the good of the country.  We don't know exactly for sure what he is doing, actually.  He could be a Marxist socialist or just an egomaniac.  Probably a little of both. Never in our history have we had such a partisan president.  Never in my life time have I seen people completely convinced with their heart and soul that Obama is trying to destroy our country.

Name any other time when people have thought that.  You can't.  With the exception of the overblown and over-hyped hatred of George Bush.  At some point between Clinton and Bush the progressives took over our politics and injected all this hate between us.

You can Google and find videos of people who hated George Bush who were saying the EXACT SAME THINGS about Obama now.  If you took the names Obama and Bush out you wouldn't be able to tell who they were talking about.

There is another force at work here.  It's not the liberals and conservatives.  It's the progressives.  We have to remind people that in our recent history we had two presidents who were able to bring the country together and get things done for the good of the people.  Bringing us together will get things done.  Hating each other will not.

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