Thursday, April 7, 2011

The American People Understand Simple Math

According to the Democrats Republicans are about to kill puppies.  They are drowning kittens.  They are grabbing goldfish and throwing them in the yard and then dumping the water.  They are putting poison in the bird feeders.

Is this really what they're doing?  Of course not.  So what really is going on here?  The Republicans are trying to cut a tiny, tiny fraction of the DEFICIT SPENDING.  If you ask people "What is the deficit?" most people do not know the correct answer.  The deficit is the spending above what our budget is.  So in other words, the government is spending more money than it has budgeted itself for and has to get permission to continue getting money to pay its bills.

Nancy Pelosi and her gang of Mafia friends did not want to set up a budget for this year because the Blue Dog Democrats didn't want to look bad and get blamed for anything before the midterm elections.  Naturally, they got wiped out and thrown to the curb anyway.  But Pelosi was irresponsible and basically kicked the can down the road.  She had bigger fish to fry.  She was fighting for her job.  So what the government has been doing is going to the Federal Reserve on a few week basis and asking for an allowance because they've run out of money.

Kinda like when you were a teenager and you spent all your allowance on fast food but then realized you have no gas to drive to school.  You had to go crawling to your Dad to ask for extra money to get gas.

So let's imagine this for a minute.  Nancy had an allowance set up but she spent all her money and had to go ask "Dad" for more money.  She made up various excuses each time she had to ask for more money but basically Dad never said anything and just kept handing out the $20's.  Eventually, Dad married someone new who one day said..."Wait a minute.  Why do you keep asking for money? We set up an allowance for you that is reasonable and fair yet you keep running out of money".  Nancy stomps the floor and demands she get more.  "It's not enough!"

So Dad keeps handing out the extra money.  One day the new step mother says "That's it.  If you can't live within your budget then you're going to have to suffer the consequences" and cuts her off.  Nancy falls on the floor, thrashing around, breaking things, screaming.  "I have to have money!"  I can't go to school without gas for my car".  "I can't eat lunch".  "I can't get my hair done or buy clothes!"  "I need shoes and we're going to the movies this weekend and I need popcorn and soda".

At first Dad felt guilty.  He hated seeing Nancy so upset and deprived.  But then he realized something.  If he TAUGHT Nancy to budget her money well and not to spend it so much CRAP that she does not need he would be teaching her a valuable lesson.  If she could learn to spend her money wisely and to only buy the things she REALLY needs then she could actually SAVE money.

If you SAVE money then you can get better things in time, and in times of emergency you have a safety net.

In this version of my story Nancy hurls herself off a bridge rather than listen to the wisdom of her Dad so all ends well.  Dad and his new wife fix the family budget, build a beautiful home and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, that's not what is happening.  The Democrats want to spend the country into debt deliberately because they have this nifty idea that a "global monetary system" is going to save the day.

It is actually a scam to create a ruling class.  They are printing money and driving our country off a cliff and the Republicans have the balls to stop them.  So they are telling everybody horror stories to scare people.  They want to spread lies and disinformation hoping the Republicans will take a political hit.

I don't think that will happen this time.  People realize that you have to live within your budget or eventually the bill collector comes.  Don't spend more than you have.  It's that simple.  That is not a concept above the intelligence of most people.  Of course there is that 12% of hard core Dems who will never understand this concept but they're a lost cause anyway.  But most of us know basic math.

Tell everyone you know the truth.  We can't rely on the news media.  WE have to tell people.  Don't feel intimidated.  Spread the truth.

Nancy is not getting any more allowance.

More Daily Observations:

More corruption within the Democratic circles.  I could sit here and list them all day long...and just might.

So Obama decides to cut off our troops and shut down the government so he can grandstand and blame the GOP.  Obama and Democrats never wanted a bipartisan deal.  They want to set the GOP up and blame them for everything when it is the DEMOCRATS who failed to pass a budget last year in the first place.

This president is probably not the wisest crayon in the box is he? 

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