Monday, April 18, 2011

Obama's Third World Vision for The US

Obama is out there stating to everyone that the Republicans are trying to turn the US into a third world country.  Of course, you know the golden rule about the Democrats.  Whatever they are accusing the right of doing there are the ones doing it.  It's an absolute guarantee.  So for him to say that just confirms things.

A year ago Tim Geithner stood before congress and said there was "absolutely no way" we would "EVER" monetize our debt.  That means print money.  We are now printing billions and billions of dollars.  What does this mean?  It means the value of the dollar is going down.  It's the primary cause of inflation.  In case you haven't noticed when you go to the grocery store $60 doesn't go much past the soap and toilet paper aisle.  Inflation is just getting started.  They are predicting hyperinflation soon. With the price of oil going up we are also seeing the price of gas going sky high.  It wasn't long ago I remember filling up my car on $20 of gas and it lasted all week.  I can put $20 gas in my car now and it seems like I am stopping for more gas every other day.  I don't know how people commute long distance to work these days.  Most people are putting all their extra money in their gas tanks.  For some reason the liberal media doesn't talk about this much.  Well, I guess we know the reason.  There is a liberal president in office, that's why.

We've all been talking about inflation, rising gas prices, unemployment for three years now.  Obama would like to blame everything on Bush but the truth is three years ago when Bush left office we only had $468 billion in debt.  That was outrageous then and we hated Bush for it.  Obama spent twice that amount on his first stimulus bill.  He spent three times that on his "Obamacare" scam.  In fact, he is spending almost $2 trillion a YEAR on his budget and when we tried to cut just 0.6% of that budget the Democrats howled like wild dogs that the Republicans were trying to kill our grandmothers.  I could sit here all day telling you horror stories about what is going on with Obamacare and trust me, grandma won't like it.

Michelle Obama likes to run around calling us all fat and obese.  Which is ironic given her pant size, isn't it?  They go on shopping trips, buy designer clothes, eat ribs, cheeseburgers and ice cream and then call Americans fat.  Our kids are being forced to eat "healthy" lunches at school (who wants to guess which "green" companies get the kickback for that program....trace that money back to the Democratic party).  They present the image to the world of arrogant and fat Americans overseas, meanwhile, with the value of the dollar falling a lot of countries are barely getting enough food to feed their families.  In fact, a lot of the riots recently in the third world are being caused because of food shortages.  Yet, here is Michelle Obama, huge butt and all going on shopping trips, taking lavish luxury vacations every couple of weeks, eating ribs and cheeseburgers, telling the world how fat we are.  What kind of image building is that?  What is the purpose of telling hungry people in third world countries that Americans are fat and obese?  That is not an image that we want these countries to have of us.

Our elitist news media is not going to tell people this.  Half the news anchors on the liberal news are former political hacks for the left.  They eat with a silver spoon, make millions of dollars and enjoy access to the White House because they "do their job" and spew talking points for the left.  Get out there and make sure you tell everyone you know about these things.  Consider mainstream media the enemy because believe me they are not about to tell people the truth about this president or the goals of the Marxist left.  They've been bought and paid for.  They have been shielded from the effects of this third world economy the Democrats are building.  They sit high on their perches immune from it all.

We're not going to change things by staying silent. We don't want to turn into this third world country Obama is dreaming about.  We don't want to end up begging for food from this jerk just to stay alive.  We need to start dreaming about bigger and better things and we are not going to get those dreams with this Marxist egomaniac in office.  When he says the US is going to turn into a third world country he is RIGHT.  That is EXACTLY what he is trying to do to us.  The elitist news media that the Democrats have installed will only shill for the left.  We can't expect any fairness or truth.  They will only try to control the narrative.

As Obama marches forward trying to regulate the internet to control our message and voices even more it is important that we stop him.  We still have time to change the direction.  We still have time to stop the radical sixties hippies from collapsing our economy.  They are not invincible. We can and should fight for our country and stop Obama from getting a second term.

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