Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Big Picture

I have been enjoying, like everyone else, watching Donald Trump beat up on Obama.  It's great.  If anybody could get away with it....it's him.  He has the celebrity, the connections, and the nerve to hit Obama for things that most regular politicians can't get away with.  The media doesn't quite know what to do with him.  He has the money and the influence to get out there and at least bring up things that the media tries all day long to ignore.

Which is going to be our biggest problem this election.  The news media will do its best to control the narrative.  Remember the last election?  Obama bragged afterwards that its main strategy was to control the conversation, control the news media.  With CBS and WaPo receiving slush money from Obamacare OPENLY you can imagine that it will be an up hill battle to get the GOP message out this time.  We are sadly outnumbered.

I spend a good part of my day reading the headlines on all sides.  Then I separate the stories that I find suspicious.  DNC talking points are easy to identify.  I can also identify military/Pentagon propaganda as well.  Russia does a very good job of influencing news items from afar believe it or not...a lot of the conspiracy stories and such originate from overseas.  But my main goal is to identify what it is the WH is trying to manipulate.  There are days I think this WH is actually scrambling just to control Obama himself...which I find startling.

The left wants the GOP to look like it's fighting amongst itself.  They want us to look divided.  The RINO versus Tea Party narrative.  If they can get us to argue and fight over stupid things that seriously don't mean SQUAT in the long run then we're not talking about the price of gas skyrocketing or that salaries are going down instead of up with the cost of food going out the roof.  We're not talking about the RAACISM stories the left and it's Al Sharpton ilk are accusing 85% of the population of. 

I can say from my own experience that while people are marginally curious about budget stuff...The majority are not going to be interested in people arguing over $38 billion versus $40 billion.  They are not going to give a hoot if this candidate said "this" about blah-blah-blah and "that" about blah-blah-blah.  Now, don't get me wrong....I know a lot of people who will sit all day long and talk numbers and get technical and know the numbers like you wouldn't believe.  BUT....The majority of people truly don't give a crap.  They just know that when they have to fill their tank up it costs a hell of a lot of money and it sucks and they don't care who is fighting with who....JUST FIX IT.

We need to stay focused on talking about what concerns Americans most.  We have to keep the conversation on fixing the economy.  But getting bogged down in blame game stories amongst stupid topics is not going to get that message out.  We are not going to fix the economy until we GET OBAMA OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.  Plain and simple...that's the deal. 

We have to focus on winning the White House.  What conversation can we have to get that done? That is what we need to talk about. Fighting and whining and squabbling over cups of water in an ocean of problems will not get it done. We have to talk about the bigger picture.  People are having a hard time, the economy sucks and it's Obama's fault. Period.

UPDATE:  So these are some items that I am excited about in the budget deal:  Anything about Obamacare we can get rid of the better.



  1. You make some good points Bev.
    Keep it up. I go to your blog almost as much now as Hillbuzz.

  2. Thank you, Morris! I've been getting on average about 30 people a day since I started. That's 30 people and if they share my blog with people then it does add up. Every little bit matters! We're gonna fix this country one blog at a time =)