Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nudging Socialism

I have to admit the socialists talk a good game.  We should take care of everybody, everywhere, all the time.  Nobody should want anything.  We should all sacrifice so the people among us who are the poorest and neediest have something instead of nothing.  We should brainwash children into believing that it is the government's responsibility.

Except that it is not.  Nor should it be.

When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights they made sure that our enemies could not exploit them. There are snake oil salesmen all over the world and they have always been there.  Our founding fathers were not naive.  They knew that people would try to re-write the Constitution and change our government and they put safety measures in place so that would not happen.

It's why the socialist/liberal/Marxist groups hate it so much.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are incredible short documents that declare we, the people, govern ourselves.  Government cannot interfere in our lives.  These two documents that our wise fathers wrote were written SPECIFICALLY to protect us from any government that tried to intrude in our lives.

From light bulbs, to green cars, to electric cars, to taxing kids playing dodge ball, to taxing catfish, to putting tracking devices into our phones the government under the power of this White House and the Democratic party are completely trying to obliterate our Constitution. Like the snake oil salesmen that they are, they are taking any warm and fuzzy cause they can wrap their oily, greedy, sticky hands on to control you and take your freedom and money away.

They will use any crisis to expand government control.

Food borne illness at a grocery store? No problem...The government will "save you" by controlling the food supply.

Runaway car that suddenly gets out of control for no reason?  No problem.  The government owned GM cars will save us from those capitalist Toyota criminals.

Congresswoman shot by crazy psycho guy that nobody apparently knew was a psycho killer guy?  No problem.  The government will just take our guns away so we can't protect ourselves but hey, just become a drug dealer in Mexico because the ATF might just have a deal on guns for you.

Every time there is a hurricane they will bawl like babies that it's the coal plants.  No problem.  They will tax oxygen and take care of that for you.

Cap and Trade is actually a ponzi scam that SELLS PUFFS OF AIR to third world countries.  Do you get that?  According to this brilliant scam, we're only allowed so many puffs of air.  If we have too many puffs then we have to pay a penalty because we're taking puffs of air away from little kids in Africa and that just is not fair, you know?  Kids...I can't even make this stuff up.  This is what cap and trade is based on.

So as the government protects us from our ice makers, dodge ball, and the killer catfish just remember when you pay $300. in gas to get to work tomorrow who brought you this wonderful socialist nudging that is going on.  Educate your children so they know that it is NOT the government's responsibility to control our lives.  WE are responsible for OURSELVES.

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