Sunday, April 24, 2011

Donald Trump is Useful in Many Ways

This was a great post by ACE of SPADES.  My main interest or "take" from that post is what he said about the candidates hitting Obama hard.  Trump is popular right now because he is hitting hard at Obama.  But the truth is, all the candidates are hitting Obama hard but we don't see it.  The news media does not report it.  But Donald Trump has the celebrity, the money and recognition to get the message through.  Which is why he is so popular right now.  This is important to know.  A lot of people talk smack about the GOP and the candidates not being tough enough.  How tough can you be when the news media won't report what you say or do?

If the liberal media wants to give people the impression that the GOP is not tough then that is the impression they will create.  Paul Ryan could set a wax dummy of Obama on fire at the Capital building and the news media would completely ignore him.

This is how useful Donald Trump has become.  His ego alone can punch through the news media and get through to people.  He is larger than life and has the experience and balls to do it.

Sarah Palin is the same way.  The news media openly declared that they would stop talking about her purposely because their continuous attacks actually made Sarah stronger.  There is so much anti-Obama feeling out there that the people who go after him the most are the ones becoming the most popular.  But the news media is trying its best to cover that up.  You keep seeing stories about how "likable" he is.  That's garbage.  People are pissed off.  People are spending all their money on food and gas and they see the Middle East going up in flames and what does Obama do? He plays golf.  He goes to California and Chicago to campaign.

Which is another thing.  Haven't you noticed Obama is actually campaigning to win over his own base??  When he goes to Chicago and California he isn't exactly going after independent voters.  He is going to his home boys.  The kooks in California who bankrupted themselves and now expect the rest of us to bail them out.  The idiots who turned the water off to save a minnow and put 40,000 people out of work and destroyed fruits and vegetables that actually brought money to their state.

There is a lot of suspicion of Donald Trump right now in the GOP ranks.  Some people think he is helping Obama.  Some think there is some conspiracy between he and George Soros.  The truth is, Trump is helping us.  He gets through the media bias.  He gets through their iron curtain.  They cannot ignore him.  If they tried he would eat them for lunch.  A lot of people will try to bring him down with rumors and what not...but I say he's good for the GOP. If anything else he can teach the other GOP people how to punch their way through.

Another thing I like about Trump are his kids.  He raised very smart, intelligent, classy kids.  They are completely absorbed and dedicate their lives to running charities across the country.  His kids are beautiful. You don't see them running around like spoiled brats, drunk, drugged up, acting like fools.  You see them doing good things.  You practically hear nothing about them.  In fact...Isn't that the MO of all the news media these days?  Attack the kids?  Nobody can lay a finger on Trump's kids.  So the proof is in the pudding.  If he was a lousy guy with lousy character his kids would show it and instead...they are model citizens.

So don't go talking smack about Donald Trump.  He's very useful to the GOP.

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