Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The GOP Must Focus Their Message


This is a brilliant piece by Bill O'Reilly and I agree wholeheartedly with his analysis.

The GOP has got to focus its message. We all know Romney is going to be the nominee for the GOP. I looked around yesterday at some clips of speeches by Romney. He is focused clearly on the economy and at hitting Obama hard on the bad economy. But what is the media focused on?

They are focused on painting Santorum as some kind of religious fanatic. It is obvious WHY they are doing this. What puzzles me is WHY are conservatives letting them muddle the message?

Obviously, the media has to sell itself. The more sensational and emotional the more attention they get. Whether it's something that gets people happy or pissed off..If they can get your attention they will print it.

The FACTS are: The progressive left wants you to thinking about anything and everything that DOES NOT focus on Obama's record. Don't pay attention to what he has done to shut down private enterprise. Do not pay attention to how energy prices are soaring through the roof because of his failed energy policies. Do not pay attention to the price of consumer goods. Do not pay attention to his secular agenda and his attack on the religious right. Do not pay attention to Obamacare and the mandates that will ruin the quality of our health care.Do not pay attention to the far left liberal groups who are spreading socialist propaganda, trying to nudge our country into a statist dictatorship where they control every aspect of our lives. Do not pay attention to how the far left is trying to divide us into groups to make us hate each other, whether it is race, gender, religion, or ANYTHING.

No...The left is trying its best to muddle the message. It's everywhere and all over the place. They flood the news media with thousands of nonsense stories and propaganda to keep YOUR FOCUS off of what is really important. And since George Soros and the far left Hollywood elite socialists own 99% of the news media they do a good job of it.

The GOP needs to focus on Romney and Romney's message. They need to fire a laser beam on Romney and end this speculation. Santorum is not going to be the nominee and we know it. Neither is Paul or Newt.

We need to FOCUS our message and target the left. We have GOT to dominate the conversation and that conversation needs to be about the economy. We cannot let the left control the subject. WE have to control the message.

Ronald Reagan won in a landslide because he made sense and he HAD common sense. He appealed to everyone. You watched him speak and you said to yourself "He is absolutely right".

Romney does the same thing but he is being drowned out by the progressives...We need to focus on Romney and his speeches and get the message where it needs to be.

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