Friday, February 17, 2012

Buy Any Virus Protection Stock Lately?

I find it alarming that the FBI is about to conduct a "social experiment" as they themselves call it.

There's a virus out there that has infected millions of computers and their solution is to cut off the internet for all those who have been infected. Out of MILLIONS of viruses that have gone around and around and around the government decides "this one" is worth conducting "an experiment".

My first question is...Who in the government just bought stock in virus protection? This is going to cause widespread panic like the buildup to the 2000 scare. Everyone is going to be terrified their computer is infected. So can you already see the crooks out there who are going to position themselves to "clean" our computers? This is NONSENSE.

Second....Think about how insidious this is. Are you paying attention to what the government is doing? They call this a "social experiment". Let's say Boy King's goons want to knock out all their political opponents from the internet before the next election. They could go on Facebook and create an app ...which is easy enough. A little box that says "Who hates Boy King and wants him voted out in 2012?" The dolts stupid enough to click on that box get a cookie downloaded on their computer. Then the FBI can track you or worse...lock you off the Internet.

If you don't think they would do something this insidious you're not paying attention because this is EXACTLY what they are doing. This is what FB has been doing for a long time. You have NO PRIVACY on the internet and that's been going on for a while. Just months ago the government was given the go ahead to pry into all our internet activities. Of were too busy being distracted to pay attention.

So on March 8th when millions of people are locked out of the internet remember where this "social experiment" originated. Remember the new laws that give the government the power to lock up a person WITHOUT DUE PROCESS for any reason for as long as they want with no representation. Remember that they can use this to intimidate people who don't agree with their positions.

The news media is not talking about this folks. Do you think they will? Did they tell you when they took phosphate out of dishwasher cleaner? Or were you like thousands of other people calling a repairman to fix your dishwasher?

If I were a gambler I would take bets that most people won't have a clue what is going on. They will either A) Buy a new laptop B) buy anti-virus software.

We shall see how this unfolds. In the meantime....Don't like or dislike anything on Facebook.

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