Saturday, February 11, 2012

Socialism is NOT America's Future

Well the Blah is still there apparently. With a few added exciting events.

Boy King has certainly stepped in it with his recent religious attacks. Forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception and abortion pills. This is what our country has come to. Not that we're shocked or should be shocked. He made it quite clear during his pandering last election that he would attack the Catholics. He has a history of this. Harvard is about as anti-Catholic as it comes, folks. His own wife is on record slamming the "White Irish Catholics" in Chicago.

What fascinates me is how he is in such a liberal bubble of make believe...He actually was so arrogant to believe he could try to do this and get away with it. See, the far left is pretty short-sighted. They think all people think the way they do. They are so arrogant and think they are above all of humanity...and what they say goes whether you like it or not.

Americans are a point. The Boy King Valerie Jarrett ego train failed to grasp that this country was FOUNDED on religious freedom. Our ancestors sailed across the Atlantic and landed in the woods with NOTHING to get away from religious persecution in England. We're not about to hand our religious freedom to a bunch of socialist thugs from Chicago. They can sip their wine and think about that a while.

Oh wait. No they won't. They aren't that smart. And they think we're stupid. Boy King came out yesterday and said..."Oh...The Catholic institutions don't have to pay for it...the (evil) insurance companies will".

Like that makes any difference whatsoever.

Okay people. Open your eyes. Count the number of medical institutions you have in your local area that are affiliated with religion. You either have Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, or Catholic hospitals. They are all across this country of ours.

Now realize what these socialist THUGS plan to do these institutions. Do you seriously believe they will stop at just forcing abortion on us? NO. They are going to turn our health care system into a walk-in welfare clinic that you wouldn't want your DOG treated in. This is just the beginning folks.

It's the reason we hated Obamacare....and it's the reason we STILL hate Obamacare. It's not just a matter of religious freedom. It's about SOCIALISTS who are lying through their teeth to the American public. It's about a president who hates this country and wants to change it into some kind of welfare nanny state to punish it. He wants to create a generation of kids who have no dreams. He wants to divide us into groups and have us fight each other so he can sit on the beach in Hawaii and play golf eating french fries.

THIS is what the election is about. Not Republicans fighting Republicans. If you don't know that all politicians suck at this point then OPEN YOUR EYES. At least Republicans halfway listen. At least Republicans don't want to DESTROY the country and make it some kind of DUMP. It does not matter whether it is Newt or Romney or Santorum. As long as it is not a SOCIALIST we can fix it.

We are too great a country to let these idiots ruin our country. I am confident we will win this next election and the DNC will be banished for years to come.Pay attention...Be smart. Don't react instantly to the headlines because the liberal media is CREATING the headlines trying to lead you by the nose to what they want you to focus on and AWAY from the crimes of this administration.

That means YOU over at the Dept of Justice. Don't think we have forgotten.

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