Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarah Palin Has The Same Alarm We Do


It's becoming a regular habit isn't it?  Sarah Palin looks more like a President than Obama does.  She sees right through the nonsense.  It's like she has that same radar we do.  The BULLSHIT monitor. It is starting to go off on a regular basis, isn't it?  Maybe somebody should let him know that...Ehhh, maybe not.

It appears Obama wants to change things up...do things differently.  He doesn't feel compelled to respect the history of the President and does not feel obligated to the American people to show RESPECT.  If he wants to go on vacation with his family before explaining to us why he decided to put our troops in harms way how DARE we question his decision. 

We are ANNOYING.  We are so annoying in fact that Obama can just throw some teleprompter speech out there a week or two later that doesn't really explain much or tell us anything...He is only doing it because he HAS to.  You can imagine him rolling his eyes and shaking his head and saying out loud "WHY should I have to explain myself?"

What in the WORLD is he doing still blaming George Bush? Does he not read the news? Does he not realize that Bush actually has higher poll numbers than he does?  Did somebody forget to tell him that the blame Bush gig is up? I guess not.

This guy really has lost touch with reality and I have to say....It is the fault of his people.  He has isolated himself because he thinks we're annoying.  The more annoyed he gets the less he listens to people.  He believes his own press, too, which is kind of funny when you think about it.  He probably watches NBC and believes what they say!  That's a little scary.  Obama thinks he's like the KGB but the problem is...He's not that smart.  And neither are the people around him.

It's like the Mafia Utopian Left elected a president who just wants to sit around and get his feet rubbed and they don't know what to do now. They can use him only so much.  People are getting tired of hearing his voice.  He just goes on and on and on.  And see...when you are no longer useful in the Mafia you don't get to stick around and collect the perks forever.

You can't bullshit the American people for too long.  We have a very short attention span and this double speak is getting old. Alarms are going off...and Sarah seems to be hearing the same thing we are.

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