Monday, March 21, 2011

Eyes on Russia and China

Whenever the news becomes overwhelmed with headlines I always step back and observe.  There is a reason this happens.  It is purposeful.  Usually it starts with a crisis that is legitimate like say, a major earthquake in Japan.  Then suddenly there is a spiral of events and it seems like one thing after another happens keeping us flipping (or clicking)  around grasping for answers.

The Obama/Soros machine has mastered this.  It means they are up to something and they don't want you to know what it is they are doing behind all the murk of the headlines.  It keeps the news reporters out of their hair.  It keeps your attention and keeps your eyes away from them.

I've been watching them do this for two years but they've been doing it a lot longer. It's how they won the election. They fooled everybody with their "Wall Street crash".  Yes, there was definitely some trouble but George Soros and his Wall Street sell off was on purpose.  It even fooled George Bush.

So anyway, of course I have no proof of any of this.  I can only share my suspicions and tell you I've been watching this happen, having noticed a pattern about two years ago.  That's when I realized that you can't believe anything you see on the news media.

Presently, I'm watching China and Russia.  Obama and Soros set off three years ago to start manipulating the world economies.  It started with the Wall Street crash.  It progressed and moved on to Europe.  We saw scattered rioting and upset in Europe last year.  The usual socialist groups have been manipulating the Middle East for about the same period of time and Obama has been bitch-slapping Israel around since he became President. We saw Egypt fall and that was planned and manipulated by the socialist groups Obama and Soros are in bed with.  Thanks to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel we have not seen a complete and total collapse of the Middle East but they are working on it.  I believe Libya was just a cause and effect that Obama/Soros hadn't figured into the equation and now they're trying to use it more of a diversion than anything.

I think Soros and Obama are really stupid enough to believe that they can play their socialist card game with Russia and China...and this is what they are hiding from everybody.

Up to now they've been able to manipulate lesser nations and countries.  It does not take a rocket scientist to topple Kadaffi for heaven's sake.  Egypt took some work but the Middle East is such a tinderbox it is not hard to manipulate its people because they are suppressed and gullible. They could not topple Jordan because King Abdullah is smarter than they are and they CERTAINLY do not have the brains to topple Israel.  So they are hiring goons to do the work for them.

China and Russia are NOT weak nations.  If Obama thinks for one second he can outwit the Chinese then he is more ignorant than I thought he was.  For that matter, the old KGB guard Putin is not going to put up with Obama's meddling, either.  If George Soros wants to play games with Putin then I'm popping some popcorn and enjoying the show.  Putin has been quiet for a long time...and suddenly he has raised his head out of the sand.  China is stirring as well.

I do believe that Obama and Soros have bitten the wrong snakes this time.....It will be interesting to see how they try to wiggle out of it.  Hopefully, we won't get caught in the crossfire.

UPDATE:  It's important to note George Soros' huge financial interests in Brazil which explains why Obama is there.  Soros basically owns Obama.  Without him he had no chance of winning the election in 2008 and he knows if he goes against him he can't win in 2012 either.  George Soros owns 35% of the oil company in Brazil that we get our oil from.  Obama could be there doing dirty dealings for George Soros.

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