Monday, March 14, 2011

The Anti-Nuclear People Are Out in Force

Be cautious when watching the news these next few days.  Every anti-nuclear freak and every media outlet is going to sensationalize what is happening in Japan for YOUR attention.

Of course the liberals will use it to scare people so they will turn against the idea of nuclear power which is cheap, easy, and not nearly as dangerous as they want you to believe.

I am extremely skeptical when I see the news reports coming out of Japan.  Not only do they not have good sources they are trying to interpret Japanese into English. In these cases it's never a good idea to believe everything they say.

As I write this Megan Kelly comes on the TV and says "WE COULD BE FACING A CATASTROPHIC NUCLEAR MELTDOWN" and then she goes on to talk about Starbucks and a scandal involving a tip jar on their counter. See what I mean?

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