Monday, March 28, 2011

Somewhere In The Middle

Try as they may, the Utopian Left socialist thugs are NOT the majority in this country.  Sometimes when you read the news (or watch the news) it's hard to reconcile that.  It looks like we're on the brink of disaster half the time.  It's important to remember that is mostly "Media Murk" as I like to call it.  Nothing depresses our news media more than boring.  When nothing is going on they have no way of grabbing your attention other than to come up with some chaotic situation, scandal, or disaster.  With so many news sources they compete for chaos.  If there is no chaos then they just make it up. If THAT doesn't work then they go to the greatest fall back of all time...SEX.

Sadly, we've become a country of tabloid news.  Incidentally, our British friends were going through this long before we were.  They lost a princess in the peak of its hey day.  I remember thinking..."No way it would get that way here...We're too responsible for that."  HA!  Fat chance.  Our news media EMBRACED it.

That's why I don't think it's healthy to concentrate on one news source.  If you're like me you have a multitude of news sources you go to each day to pick up on the major news stories.  I have two or three trusted sites I go to each morning...and of course I post the ones that impact me the most on Facebook.  Some days I'm sure my friends and family think I've lost my mind because I am posting links one after another sounding a lot like a hysterical person. "The economy is about to collapse!" "The Liberals are taking over the world!"  "I will NEVER let the liberals take over the world!" "Those bastards!"  You get my drift.

And then there are times I actually see funny things that I post and that's when I REALLY look schizophrenic.  "The world is ending!"  "Isn't this dog cute?"

I figure it's a matter of observation.  I take in all the stories I see and I believe about 30% of them.  Then I try to figure out WHY they are doing that story....what is the real purpose.  Journalism is not an honest business. Most news is planted and deliberate.  Most people in journalism are NOT honest.  The objective at any news organization is not to tell you the truth.  The objective is to get your attention and make money for your company so you keep your job. Sometimes the objective is propaganda and disinformation and that can come from the government and military. Therefore, I think it's rather dangerous that we've come to rely so heavily on the "news".

The best strategy I've found is to stay in the middle.  When you see anything of an extreme...go far, far away. We're not about to die.  The country is not going to collapse.  The socialists will not take over the world.  The right is not racist. Nuclear reactors in Japan are not going to kill everybody off. The EPA is not going to destroy our country. And the Tea Party is not going to go away.  Just remember that being informed is good...but believing everything you read is unwise.

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