Tuesday, March 15, 2011

THE WORLD IS ENDING....And By The Way, Have You Read My New Book?

Today as I sweep the headlines I can't help but notice one thing:  The news media truly is not on our side.

Despite the fact that nearly all US news media people are absolutely clueless when it comes to Japan, its culture, and its people, they have suddenly become experts on the Japanese nuclear energy program.  I do have to give Fox news credit for telling people that Japan has 55 active nuclear plants that provide energy to their country and despite having an earthquake of 9, which is not completely shocking but alarming still, only six have had trouble and those six obviously are near the earthquake epicenter. Most people don't even know that. If you rely on the alphabet communist news (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) you'd think the entire country of Japan is about to blow up and it's because of those evil nuclear people.  Even worse...they blame global warming.

Fox also showed a map of where the nuclear plants were which were mostly on the east coast of the country and guess what?  Most of the radiation that would be generated by any type of accident would be blown out over the ocean and dissipate. NO it wouldn't make it to the west coast of the US. Just don't go fishing out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for a few weeks, eh?

I have complete confidence that not only Japan is doing all it possibly can to control and limit these problems...but also that our military and the US are now involved in helping to avert further disaster. Japan is completely different from us in one sense:  Who ever is in charge of the nuclear plants right now will certainly resign in shame after this is all over. Their president may even resign in shame. Our news media needs to tread lightly in its predictable assault.  They will attack, insult, shame, bully, and lie their way through every sensational headline they can think of to get people to watch. But the Japanese take these assaults very seriously and the people at the top trying to fix things will likely be the fall guy once it's over.

Yesterday I watched in disgust as news anchor after news anchor sounded the alarms and all but donned radiation suits and gas masks.  These games do not help the Japanese people. They should instead be focusing on the relief organizations who are there in force to help.  They should be focusing on the people who are welcoming displaced residents into their homes.  They should be focusing on THE POSITIVE THINGS that are happening. But of course, the positive things don't get people to watch, right? You need doom and bloody bodies to get people to watch.

Or do they?

I for one would love to watch more news that focused on productive positive things.  People in crisis want reassurance and optimism.  What does it take to get through a disaster like this?  Determination and a survival instinct.  The Japanese are survivors.  They love their country...they are proud of their culture...and they are probably the hardest working people I have ever known. They are not greedy and selfish. They show respect and humility.

They are also the funniest people I know. These people can throw a party that will put the most hard core drinker in the U.S. under the rug. If you've ever had sake you know what I mean.

But this is not the time to beat up the Japanese nuclear scientists or play political games.  This is not the time to scan YouTube for racist videos by the predictable idiots who do such things. As you watch the news keep some things in mind:  The American news media is not only GUESSING what is happening in Japan, they are hyping and sensationalizing everything trying to get viewers. Take what you hear with a grain of salt. Focus more on what we can do to HELP the Japanese people. Don't buy into the demonizing and blame games and other predictable nonsense that the news media wants you to buy into.  Think of ways to help Japan and how can you get other people to help as well.

Start with the Red Cross. Of all the organizations out there....I trust them the most. Donate money to them and without any doubt it will go where it needs to go.

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