Saturday, March 19, 2011

Obama's Agenda Is Not Hard To Figure Out

First of all, I have been very distraught over the Japan bashing that has been going on by the news media.  Japan is NOT on the brink of collapse. It's not about to explode into a mushroom cloud and destroy the earth.  But I guarantee you the Utopian Left Socialists will do everything in their might to convince you of this. I have friends in Japan and they confirm that the news media is giving people false information.

The left will use this to push their green agenda.  They will use it as a means to shut down nuclear power.  They will use it to disrupt Japan's economy just like they did with the "runaway Toyota" that would accelerate and kill everybody.  Conveniently, this happened right after the government took over GM.  Miraculously, we're all still alive.

So now they all jump onto the earthquake in Japan like flies on you-know-what to convince us the earth is about to explode and it's because of nuclear power.  Everything in Japan is being banned by the EPA.  When was the last time you saw our government react so quickly? No only are they lying thru their teeth they are trying to destroy Japan's economy and with the same goal they have to destroy ours. They hate the US.  They hate capitalism.  They will exploit any crisis to further their agenda. This is chaos socialist style.

And what is this nonsense about Libya? I personally feel that Obama was pushed and threatened a little bit by Hillary.  I think the Clintons gave him a nudge as in....You better or else...and he caved.  It wouldn't take much to get Obama to cave.  Just threaten to take away his golf clubs and you have him.  He tells everyone we're going to start bombing Libya and then hops a plane to Rio for a party.  WTF?  He and his entire family have left.  Should we worry?

Yes we should. Unless you live under a rock or have been completely brainwashed it is becoming extremely obvious that we have a Marxist socialist president who truly does not give a flip about this country.  He has a huge black theology chip on his shoulder and he is going to golf, party, and lie his way all the way to 2012. How far does it have to go?  Is the news media ever going to wake up and smell the coffee? I see glimmers of hope here and there but it's hard to see because George Soros and the far left have spun their mafia goons throughout the news media world and basically all they want is to make money and they will do it whatever way they can...even at the expense of our country. Even Fox news is in on the fun.  They have scared not only the Japanese people...they have scared half the country with their NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE headlines.  I've decided we just can't trust any news media.  They all just depends on how much.

Japan is not exploding.  They aren't starving.  They aren't contaminated.  The northeast region of Japan suffered a historic earthquake and was wiped out by a tsunami.  But they will recover.  They will rebuild.  They will be stronger than they were before. 

Our country is being raked through crisis after crisis and the far left is capitalizing on every one. They are trying very hard to create a "chaos" at every turn to shake our resolve.  They are trying to paint a picture of a weak USA.  They are distracting people from their dirty economic practices and are determined to rally our young people into believing that things are SO HORRIBLE that they must let the government take charge and take care of them.  This is what it is all building up to.

We need to start a countdown clock to 2012 and remind people that November was just the beginning.  The less the Democrats stay in control the more chaos they will try to project.  We ARE winning this's just hard to see it because the left is so loud and obnoxious.  Fight them.  Open your eyes and be cautious....because what you see on the news is not reality. It's what THEY want you to see and believe.  It is the illusion of chaos that the left wants to project to make you give up.

We will get rid of the scum in Washington this time...the trick will be to keep their slime from coming back.  Do not be intimidated.  Do not let them coerce you into believing their narrative.  Whatever is being headlined in the news...look to the opposite. It's the same rule, different program: The left will always be doing whatever they are accusing their enemies of doing. It's that simple.

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