Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black Theology and Socialist/Marxist Ideals Are The Same

During the 2008 election campaign Obama and the Democrats went to great lengths to convince people that Obama was not racist...that Americans weren't racist...that he had no idea that Rev Wright was a bigot and hated the USA.  He just was completely clueless.  He went out of his way to make sure people knew he was not in agreement with one thing the guy stood for...despite having earlier talked about how inspired he was by this man,  his children were baptized by him, and he was married in this church.  But of course...he had no idea. It's hard to believe people bought into that lie.  But then again, the way the liberal media packaged him and sold him to the public I guess it's not hard to believe.  Isn't that scary?  There are NBC zombies roaming around and they are a lot more scary than the nuclear reactors in my opinion.

You can take the above statements from this bigot Wright guy and pretty much chart all the actions and decisions and behavior by Obama and it all goes hand in hand.  This was a black theology church.  They believe firmly that white America is evil, capitalism is evil, and the world owes them something. They have a huge chip on their shoulders. Sound familiar?

It's not hard to figure this into the socialist agenda. Socialists are champions of adopting people and groups who are down and out and feel "suppressed".  They are also good at exploiting people who are lazy and irresponsible and want an excuse to do nothing but sit on their arse at home and receive handouts. The SEIU pays people to go protest and riot in different places.  They also pay people to troll the internet.  They pay people to commit racist acts and claim to be conservatives.  The DNC, OFA, MoveOn...George Soros and his ilk and zombies spend enormous amounts of money employing trolls to do nothing but deceive people all in the name of Marxist communism.

George Soros has been banned from a lot of European countries because of his snake like activities in destroying their economies.  He lives in Washington DC and sees Obama weekly.  You can go to You Tube and see video after video after video of him describing how he hates capitalism and how the US is going to destroy itself and it is his duty to help it along.  He owns so many different media outlets I could not list them all.  Huffington Post, MoveOn, OFA, Media Matters, I could go on and on.

When I was young people feared communism and with good reason. In 1989 we thought we had defeated it. We haven't.  Communism did not go just morphed into warm and fuzzy causes like global warming and polar bears, minnows in California, and the Democratic Party.  There is no liberal party left. The blue dogs have died....the Utopian Left killed them. The celebrity zombies in Hollywood have been eaten, too. 

Have you noticed that all the people who are famous that whine the most about capitalism are the very same uber-rich people who get a waiver from the regulations, laws and restrictions that all the rest of us have to suffer from?  Why are these rich celebrities so concerned about my well being all the sudden?  They can buy their way out of any inconvenience yet they seem to think they know what is best for me. Ashton Kutcher can lecture me about using oil and gas and drive around in a Hummer? Since when did this jerk have the right to lecture anybody?

So it's not surprising that Rev Wright is a bigot, theology USA hater....and champion of communist/Marxist ways.  What is surprising is that Obama is getting a pass from the news media and that people actually think he is NOT.  He plays golf, vacations, eats lobster, tells us we're fat and lazy....and goes to Brazil to party while Japan is suffering and Libyan rebels get bombed and slaughtered...and the news media is only worried about who he chose for his final four.

The left's race-baiting strategy has only just begun. Be prepared...and fight it.

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