Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011 - A LOT GOING ON TODAY

Today, because there are so many things happening, I will be updating my post all day.  Unfortunately, I have to work and can't spend a long period of time writing and monitoring the headlines AND posting to my blog with the attention it deserves.  So stick with me...and I will update throughout the day.

First, the bombings in Israel should concern us all and they have Obama's behavior to thank.  His treatment of Israel and provocations by the left in the Middle East...makes it predictable that Israel is under fire.  We need to hold Obama responsible.

Second, Steve Lerner from SEIU should be investigated and tried for TREASON and ALL OF YOU should spread this story far and wide.  He is a union leader and has been caught on tape planning to attack our country to destabilize our economy.  That is TREASON.  The DOJ cannot ignore this but the news media WILL.  We cannot let this go.  Spread the story.

Third, there has been a HUGE explosion on the internet of union/George Soros paid trolls trying to create the illusion that there are more of THEM than US.  Counter the trolls.  Fight them.

NOT RACIST. NOT VIOLENT. WE ARE NO LONGER STAYING SILENT.  Just out chant the trolls where ever you come across them and drown them out.  It's fun and productive.

Lastly (for now) poor Obama...He is coming home from his vacation because HIS WAR is falling apart. Germany is pulling out.  France has no clue what is going on.  Obama is getting in deep and he has to come home.  Poor baby. I'm sure he is not going to like that....having to give up his golf and all.

Stay tuned.....and stay alert!!!

UPDATE 11:28 a.m.:  Lots of buzz about Marines being deployed in Libya.  We never send our AF or Navy pilots into an arena without spotters on the ground.  It is a given we have SF on the ground in Libya.  Obama needs to clarify his remarks and say there are no ground combat missions...because everyone in the military knows that we have people on the ground in Libya.  Air assault units ALWAYS have support services on the ground.

UPDATE:  1:56 pm:  So Hillary comes out and says "We saved MILLIONS OF LIVES" in Libya but we can't see them or count them because the people we saved didn't die."  Well....Color me skeptical but that sure does sound a lot like the STIMULUS JOBS that Obama created, doesn't it?  ROFL

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