Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our President The Golfer

So while our friend Japan is going through a horrific disaster our president decides it is not in bad taste that he go play golf and attend cocktail parties. For him, what would you expect?

We could sit here all day long and list incidents where this president has acted in total disregard to other people going through hardship...and he calls himself a liberal. Actually, I do not think he is a liberal.  I think he is acting more like a communist with no empathy whatsoever. That would be more in line with his black theology upbringing.  You see, they do not believe anyone else has suffered as much as they have so therefore empathy is not required.

Not only has he decided that he is above showing respect to other countries going through a crisis, he DESERVES the luxury and perks he receives as president. He whined this week because being a president is so hard.  It would be so much easier if he were a dictator like China has.  WTF?  Did somebody tell him it would be easy to be president?  Is he even president, really?  Or did the DNC just use him as token African-American boy so they could jam through their socialist agenda and use the race card to stay in power?  It sure makes you think.  He refuses to make any decisive statements or actions.  Whenever we have an event it takes him days and even weeks to decide what to do.  Would you seriously want this guy in charge if an asteroid were hurling through outer space toward the planet? '

I am happy to see fellow Americans donating with their hearts to the Red Cross to help Japan.  As usual, Americans are being generous and kind. Japan is a brilliant country and will survive and become stronger than they were before without any doubt. 

But as for our golf-loving elitist in chief who wishes he was a dictator....I wish he would just go on a permanent vacation and eat his lettuce somewhere else. We Americans apologize for his disgusting behavior.

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